diy feather fringe skirt

The Perfect DIY Feather Fringe Skirt for the Holidays

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If there’s any time to pull off a feather fringe skirt, it’s now. This DIY feather fringe skirt is the perfect thing to make to get your closet festive and ready for the holidays! It’s easier than you think and the outcome is fun and stylish for the holiday season.

DIY Feather Fringe Skirt

What You’ll Need:

diy feather fringe skirt

-One skirt
-Fabric glue
-Pins (opt)

*how much you need will vary on the size of your skirt. I got 7 yards for my skirt and that covers front and back.

Step 1

Starting at the bottom of the skirt, apply glue to the top of the fringe and use firm pressure while pressing it onto the skirt. After trial and error, I found it easier to cut the fringe to my length, add the glue, flip it over, and press it down.

diy feather fringe skirt
diy feather fringe skirt

diy feather fringe skirt diy feather fringe skirtI was just a little over halfway done when I took a step back and thought that even doing a fringe bottom was cool! If you wanted to make your project a little bit cheaper, this is a great alternative.

diy feather fringe skirt

Step 2

Continue with step 1 until finished. Let it dry. Your glue bottle will give you instructions on how long that will take, it’s usually around 2-4 hours. It helps to use sewing pins to pin down some of the fringe on the edges while it dries.

Step 3

Flip skirt over and do the same thing to the new side.

Step 4

Style and rock it!

I think this skirt will shine the most at a Christmas party or event. There are many fun ways you could wear it (cozy sweater, plaid shirt tucked in..), but I decided to go all out in pah-tay mood with a sequin top, jewel earrings, silver band, and a bold lip!

Don’t forget a cute wristlet or clutch, interesting heels, and that red lip! All of these things equal the go-to party look. You can throw on a moto jacket for warmth, but it also helps to balance out all the girliness!

This is a really easy project and most of the supplies are inexpensive. I found the skirt second hand and the glue was a couple of dollars. The most expensive thing ends up being the feather fringe.

I got mine at Joann and for 7 yards it was around $40 with the fringe being 30% on sale already. A couple of things can make this cheaper: finding a great deal online or using a 40% or 50% off coupon that many of these craft stores seem to offer. While this may be a DIY project that can cost a bit more, it’s a lot cheaper than the good skirts that are on the market right now!

I loved making this skirt because not only was it so easy to put together, but now I’m going to have an awesome statement piece this holiday season!

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