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DIY Indoor Photography Studio Backdrop | PVC Pipe Indoor Backdrop

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Whether you’re a photographer that wants the option of taking photos at home or a blogger that needs an alternative location when the cold weather hits, creating an indoor backdrop is going to be a great solution to your needs.

I fall in the blogger category and though outdoor is my #1 choice for taking photos, sometimes there are too many photos to take and it is way too cold outside. Enter indoor photo studio. It’s quick, easy, and oh so convenient.

DIY Indoor Photography Studio Backdrop

Supplies needed:
-PVC pipes & connectors
-Seamless roll paper

First you need to decide what size you want your backdrop to be. This will determine the size of your pipes and paper you need. I chose a really big one, 7 1/2 feet tall x 110 inches, because I wanted to do full outfit pics and wanted room to move around. Keep in mind the bigger the backdrop the more expensive it will be.

When you have your correct size, head to the plumbing section of your home improvement store and select the pipes closest to your size. I picked up 4 10 footers. Some cutting may be required.

Also, don’t forget to pick up the pipe connectors. You’ll need these because this is what will connect your pipes and keep it standing up. I used 4 “Tee’s” and 2 “elbows”. Just remember when cutting the pipes to factor in space for your connectors, because the connectors will add a couple inches.



diy pvc pipe indoor photography backdrop
pvp pipe tee



diy pvc pipe indoor photography backdrop
pvc pipe elbow


If you haven’t already, it’s time to pick out the actual backdrop you’ll need for your set up. I recommend seamless roll paper (this is what professional studios use). I’ve tried both a cloth backdrop and a backdrop made out of plastic tablecloth material. Personally, I didn’t like the looks of those. They either looked too wrinkly or fake. But it’s really up to you. The paper is the most expensive part of the project. My size is 107 inches x 12 yards and I got it on Amazon.

diy pvc pipe indoor photography backdrop diy pvc pipe indoor photography backdrop diy pvc pipe indoor photography backdrop diy pvc pipe indoor photography backdrop diy pvc pipe indoor photography backdrop

To attach the paper, just slip it over the pipe.

diy pvc pipe indoor photography backdrop

pvc pipe indoor backdrop

pvc pipe indoor backdropTotal Cost: Approx $95
Pipes, connectors- $25
Paper- $69.95

I don’t have space big enough to store this massive indoor backdrop, so I just tear it down and set it up when needed. It’s pretty easy! Set up and tear down takes about 5 minutes. Overall this project is pretty cheap, easy, and totally worth it.

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