diy ripped skinny jeans

DIY Ripped Skinny Jeans & 6 Ways to Wear Them!

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You’ve probably seen these ripped skinny jeans around, right?

I wasn’t really sure how I felt about it at first, but after seeing it around more and gaining popularity, I knew I wanted to try it out myself.

I didn’t want to pay a premium price for ripped jeans, so I took an extra pair I already had. They were pretty old and faded so I thought that would be extra perfect for this grungy look.

I’m going to show you an easy DIY way to make ripped skinny jeans!

1. First, I tried my jeans on and marked where I wanted to cut them.

diy ripped skinny jeans
diy ripped skinny jeans

2. You’ll want to put a little piece of cardboard in the jeans so you don’t cut through the other side.

diy ripped skinny jeans

3. Start off small and keep trying them on to see your progress. I can’t tell you how many pairs of jeans I’ve ruined trying to turn them into shorts and making jean diapers instead. 

diy ripped skinny jeans

I tried them on twice and kept taking a little bit more off. I was tired of taking them on and off so I started cutting them on me which I DON’T recommend for OBVIOUS reasons….but I’m not very patient and it got the job done. 🙂

You can’t forget this last step because it’s the finisher. You have to wash and dry your jeans to get the cool finished yet unfinished, frayed look.

I gotta say I LOVE them! Here are a couple of ways that I will wear them and hopefully it will give you some ideas too:

1. jeans + striped button-down shirt
Mixing classy and grunge in this look is chic and cool without trying too hard. Heels add an element of posh but you can go with whatever shoes you want!

2. jeans + chambray button-down + blazer
In this look, we’re mixing preppy and grunge and the small detail of the ripped jeans keeps this look from feeling too business-like.

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3. jeans + striped button-down + blazer
Basic pieces are great, right? So versatile! Mix the top from the first look and the blazer from the second, and you got yourself a completely new outfit!

4. jeans + white button down shirt + statement necklace
A white button down looks great with these ripped jeans. Add a statement necklace, fancy bag, and leopard print heels for extra doses of style!

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5. jeans + black shirt + layered necklaces
All black with a touch of gold and leopard print is simple yet chic.

6. jeans + black shirt + fur vest
When you put a faux fur best with ripped jeans, you’ve got yourself a really cool grunge yet glam look. Add touches of gold and leopard print to amp it up!

Ripped skinny jeans are easy to make and now after reading this post, I hope you’ll see that they’re easy to wear too. They can go with almost anything and it’s the perfect way to mix grunge with glam. Not only that, but it can dress down all your fancy pieces so you can get more wear out of them during the way!

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