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Get Pieces for Your Fall Wardrobe on Amazon for $45 or Less

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Well, it’s that time of year again! Whether you’re holding onto summer or giddy about the idea of sweaters, fall is coming. And with that comes the questions of people asking me where I shop and find my fall pieces. Well, Amazon is in my top 5 most shopped places for clothes and now my fall wardrobe. The wide selection, the prices, and the ability to stay in your sweatpants? Um, yes please! That rings even truer now that I have an infant in tow and shopping is just not that easy (or fun-hey, being honest!) anymore. This isn’t a sponsored post or anything, I just really love Amazon!

Not too long ago I was putting items on my wishlist (that I’d probably never end up buying- it’s a hobby of mine) and I thought I might as well share some fall goodies I found with you so you can fill up your fall wardrobe too! Girls gotta look out for each other, ya know?

What to Get on Amazon For Your Fall Wardrobe


1. turtleneck
If you’re looking to get more use out of your turtlenecks, get some tighter ones for layering!

fall wardrobe
$15.99, Amazon

but the chunky, cozy ones always work too 🙂 This olive color is a staple for fall!

fall wardrobe
$28.07, Amazon

2. lightweight sweater

The perfect transitional sweater from summer to fall when it’s not yet cold enough for those chunky knits.

fall wardrobe
$19.98, Amazon

3. chunky sweater
I don’t like to say “must” a lot (even though I probably do), but a chunky sweater is a must for fall. How else would you know it’s sweater weather??

fall wardrobe
$27.99, Amazon

4. long cardigan
I like the longer cardigans because not only does it just add an “air of sophistication” (said in a sophisticated voice), but they cover the bum so you can wear them with leggings. Ha! Now we’re talking about sophistication 😉

fall wardrobe
$23.99, Amazon
fall wardrobe
$31.99, Amazon

5. plaid shirt
Plaid shirts always seem to come out in full force around fall. They are cozy and look great with leopard print! Related: 5 Ways to Mix Prints

fall wardrobe
$29.99, Amazon

6. Camo tee
I never thought I’d be a fan of camo, but it’s come a long way and here I am thinking that it’s pretty cool…it would look great with a mini skirt and combat boots!

fall wardrobe
$12.99, Amazon

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7. leopard print skirt
Leopard print always comes in and out as a trend, but to me, it has always been a classic and a key staple for mixing and matching prints and colors!

fall wardrobe
$27.00, Amazon

8. leather pants/leggings
These are surprisingly more versatile than you think! You can play into the edginess of the pants and pair them with combat boots or do a contrast and pair them with a cozy sweater like how I do here.

fall wardrobe
$16.99, Amazon

9. olive pants
Great bottom staple that you’ll get lots and lots of wear out of.

fall wardrobe
$34.98, Amazon

I love this paperbag waist detail!

fall wardrobe
$34.99, Amazon


10. sweater dress
Great to pair with boots and leggings. An easy one and done outfit.

fall wardrobe
$33.03, Amazon
fall wardrobe
$23.99, Amazon

11. floral dress
When it comes to fall it’s not just any floral dress that you want to wear, but a “moody” one. It’s all in the colors. I pretty much always wear black so I guess that always makes me moody? Related: How to Wear Florals in Fall

fall wardrobe
$29.99, Amazon


12. denim jacket
Great for putting over, well, anything really. I’ll just save you from having to read it over and over again and let you know now…all of these outwear pieces can go with anything and are staples for fall!

fall wardrobe
$29.99, Amazon

13. check blazer
A bit of a classic print and old-school style that your wardrobe needs.

fall wardrobe
$25.99, Amazon

14. utility jacket
It goes by many names: utility, anorak, military, olive, etc. It’s worth finding however you end up finding it!

fall wardrobe
$35.99, Amazon

15. moto jacket
For the edgy looks. Or the ones to mix styles. For example, put it with a girly dress!

fall wardrobe
$39.99, Amazon

16. trench coat
This is a nice one not only to have for fall but spring too! It’s always best to get double duty out of your wardrobe items. Here’s my lightweight one that I’ve worn a lot, but there’s something that draws the eye to a longer one.

fall wardrobe
$43.89, Amazon


17. combat boots
Just like the moto jacket, I love combat boots for the cool edginess it can bring to an already edgy outfit, or the interesting contrast it can bring to a girly look. Plus, they can carry over into winter because they’re a sturdy shoe!

fall wardrobe
$34.97, Amazon

18. ankle boots
Perhaps the most iconic fall shoe! I’d recommend getting a low to no heel so you can get more everyday use out of it.

fall wardrobe
$45.35, Amazon

19. knee high boots
Yep, it seems like there are a lot of different types of boots you need for fall (hey, I don’t make the fashion rules), but just make sure at least one of them is suede! Suede is a great material for fall.

fall wardrobe
$36.99, Amazon

20. loafers
Make fun of how old school they are if you want, but how classic and practical would these be? Now I’m not usually one for practical footwear, but I’m all over these. They give some great French vibes too, especially if worn with skinny jeans, a tee, and a blazer. Related: 7 French Outfit Formulas You Can Copy

fall wardrobe
$39.99, Amazon

If you don’t like the Amazon ones, I also found a really cute and comfortable pair at Target. When I tried them on and asked my hubby what he thought he said “granny”. Psh #winning!

Feeling like your fall wardrobe is off to a good start now? Well don’t feel too prepared 😉 because I’ve got some more fall fashion posts coming right at ya!

*I haven’t tried all of these personally, so read reviews/sizing before making a purchase, but I did try to find ones with the higher ratings!*

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