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How to Make Your Outfit Pop with Accessories

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Accessories can make or break an outfit. Sometimes the hard part is knowing when to wear what and what to wear it with. I’m going to show you how I would accessorize a tassel necklace, a metallic cuff, and a sparkly choker. These accessories are pretty easy to get your hands on if you don’t already have them. Though the sparkly choker is more of a trendy piece, a metallic cuff makes the perfect staple. But use whatever you have to make your outfit pop with accessories. Let’s get into it!

How to Make Your Outfit Pop With Accessories

1.  black shirt + black jeans + black boots + choker
An all-black outfit may sound boring, but it’s just waiting for the right pop! A sparkly necklace, whether it’s a choker or not, is just the thing you need. Wearing an all-black outfit really makes a sparkly choker shine and gives your outfit that extra something.

2. off the shoulder sweater + jeans + boots + tassel necklace 
A tassel or pendant necklace can quickly become your favorite accessory because of its versatility. It looks great with all necklines, which can sometimes be a problem with other necklaces, and it is a simple thing that just completes your outfit!

3. v neck shirt + jeans + boots +tassel necklace
The same tassel necklace from above looks good not only with an off the shoulder top but a v neck top as well. You’re going to want a necklace like this because it looks good with pretty much every top! And when you have a versatile piece like this, you can easily make any outfit pop with accessories.

4. Add a metal cuff to any outfit
A metal cuff is so simply delicate and looks great with any outfit. It looks great on its own, but it’s also a good base for an arm party!

What’s an arm party you may ask? And no, I didn’t make this term up…

“Arm candy” or an “arm party” is a bunch of stacked up bracelets to add style to your look. Wear your stack with a shorter shirt or sleeves pushed up to show it off, or wear it with a chunky sweater as a “peek-a-boo”.

There is a formula believe it or not: watch + chain link bracelet + metal cuff.
I think 3 is a magic number in design, so I’ll stick with 3 but you can wear more if you so please. And of course, feel free to break the formula. That’s just a good place to get you started!

What I like about simple accessories is that you can layer them all at once for a chic look. You really can’t pile on too many rings and bracelets. For the most part, it just adds to the style! You can layer tons of simple necklaces on as well for a stylish look.

The only thing to watch out for when pairing accessories together is not to put two “big” things together. Huge earrings? Go with a simple necklace. Statement necklace? Go with some studs perhaps.

So, to sum it up, here are my 5 simple ways to make your outfit pop with accessories:

1. Wear basic clothing and add a sparkly necklace
2. Stack on a bunch of bracelets for an arm party
3. Wear all black and add gold accessories
4. Throw on a tassel necklace with pretty much anything
5. Don’t forget your other accessories such as a hat, sunglasses, and a purse

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