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Even though pregnancy can seem like it’s lasting an eternity at times, it’s really only 9 months out of your life and when it seems like there are all of a sudden so many things to start spending money on, a whole new wardrobe doesn’t have to be one of them. Here are some maternity fashion tips on how to get your regular clothes to work throughout your pregnancy.

How to Wear Your Regular Clothes Throughout Pregnancy

1. Wear your skirts a lot higher
Don’t assume you can’t wear any of your skirts just because your belly is getting bigger. Instead of wearing them low or on your waistline, try them on and see how they look higher up. For example, before I was pregnant I wore this dalmatian print skirt on my hips or high waisted cinched with a belt. For my pregnancy, it now just goes over my bump.

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2. Embrace your dresses
When trying to stretch your wardrobe throughout pregnancy, dresses are going to be your #1 go to. Defining the bump is a great way to show people that no, it’s not a food baby (hehe), so just throw on a belt or tie a chambray top if the outfit calls for it.

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maternity fashion

3. Dress up your tanks
Are shirts not fitting quite right? Your tanks don’t have to just be what goes on under your clothes. If you have some extra long tanks you can dress them up and make it part of your outfit by throwing on a cardigan and a scarf.

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4. Layer with leggings
Due to your growing bump size, some dresses may not be able to pass as a dress anymore. Wear them with leggings and they become the right look for an extra long top without looking weird.

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Now I definitely think that there are some maternity pieces worth getting, like pants or jeans for example. SO comfortable. And depending on your season you might find that there are some other staples you need, but a lot of maternity clothes out there are just loose clothing items and it’s definitely worth taking a look around in your closet first to see what you have so you can save money and not end up with a ton of clothes you’ll only wear for a short amount of time!

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