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How to Rock a Joggers and Heels Outfit

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I feel like it’s a big struggle with women deciding between being comfortable and looking nice. I don’t see why this has to be an issue when you can just mix the two! 😉 Joggers and heels are a great example of this. Here are some simple ways on how to rock a joggers and heels outfit!

How to Rock a Joggers and Heels Outfit

I’m not the type of girl that wears sweatpants out in public (some people think I’m ridiculous), so trying to make these joggers look chicer was a fun challenge! I paired it with heels, a quilted shirt, and a simple necklace choker.

Tip: Try to go for dark-colored joggers with other dark colors if you can. That will help it to look chicer instead of “I’m going to the gym but threw some heels on!”

Tip: The joggers should be the only sporty item in your look! To make this outlift look chic, wear a cool fashionable top.

Tip: Don’t forget your accessories such as jewelry and sunglasses.

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