breaking ground on our custom build

Life Update: Rental Living & Breaking Ground!

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If I never have to move again that will still be too soon. These past months (and well, years) have been very full and overwhelming. Our lives have always revolved around working on a house in some way or another.

We bought our first house at the ripe age of 20, updated it ourselves, and sold it for a nice profit. We then did the same thing with our most recent home which we just sold a few months ago.

The end goal was always to build or have someone renovate a home for us to my liking. We just took the more difficult route to get there by fixing up an outdated house to sell for a profit- rinse and repeat.

Of course, leveraging the equity in our homes to have a large downpayment, shortened loan term, and a lower monthly mortgage is the way we wanted to do it. This way just had a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, but it got us here sooner than “just” saving. I am proud to say that our hard work has paid off and we get to build at 27 & 28!

After selling our home a few months ago, we moved into a friend’s house that they were selling because we couldn’t find something to rent that would work for our family long term.

At this point, we hadn’t started building and didn’t know when we would. For all we know, we could have been in this home for over a year. Or my dramatic mind liked to say, FOREVER.

But doesn’t moving into a home that someone is selling mean you’ll have to move again? And that you’ll have to clean and do showings? Yep. You are correct.

We moved into this temporary house and enjoyed our stay for about 2 months, but then, surprise surprise, it was time to move again. 2 moves in 2 months.

Thankfully, the timing worked out (though it didn’t seem like it at the time). God provided the right place for us and we just moved into a rental home that we can see ourselves staying in for 6-8 months while we build.

A home with 5 bedrooms in a decent neighborhood was not available when we were first looking. So though it required more moving, I’m glad we didn’t settle for the smaller one we were considering. Not that I’m a diva or anything (well, kinda), but a 1,000 sq ft 3 bedroom home just wouldn’t have worked for us with our family and 2 jobs. We need a basement and office spaces!

Of course, we knew what we were getting into selling our house without having another one to go to, so I’m trying not to complain (too much), but it doesn’t mean this wasn’t a very difficult season.

I’ve been so tired that I started falling asleep during the day and the last time I did this was when I was pregnant. And no, I’m not pregnant, but it did have me check haha!

All that being said, we do not regret our decision to sell when we did. I’m 100% glad we sold while the market was hot. Now with higher interest rates and less of a buyer pool, I’m not so sure we would have gotten the offer that we did.

I also do not regret moving into the temporary house as signing on to living in a cramped home that does not function for 8 months would have been a daily annoyance and frustration.

The right decision isn’t always the easiest or most convenient one.

This season has reminded me again of the quote I shared in this post, “Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now.” Not saying a new house is the end all be all to life, as things certainly matter more, but there will be times when you have to embrace uncertainty and discomfort for a season to have a better future.

But, this is almost all behind us now. And thankfully, the kids were never put off by any of this. Our 1-year-old has no clue what’s going on haha and our 4-year-old just was just really excited to explore these new houses.

Fast forward to today…we are currently almost all settled into our rental home which I actually very much like! Though there are some weird things about it, like the bathroom being in the dining room and the primary bedroom being off the kitchen, there are some good things too. Oh, but getting rid of the marijuana smell from the previous 5 college football players before us wasn’t fun.

But I get my own office and photo space, some of the rooms have wood flooring, we’re within walking distance of a park and coffee shop, and there are enough rooms for everyone to have their own space.

I’ll do a few posts soon to show some of these rooms! Here’s a sneak peek for now:

living room rental house

We’re putting in a lot of late nights to make this place feel homey and be a nice place to live while we build.

Oh, and speaking of building….


Praises be. Glory hallelujah!

When I first posted that we’d be building (8 months ago), I did not know it would take this long to break ground. I mean, I even have a different hair color now. My baby grew hair. We finally cut my older boy’s hair. Okay, so mainly just hair updates haha.

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And thank you God for sunny, dry weather because in just a few short days they’ve gotten quite a bit dug out. Now I don’t know what it’s supposed to look like, seeing as this is my first time and all, but it looks like progress!

breaking ground on our custom build

And after 8 months of what felt like waiting around, I’ll take all the progress I can get.

Let’s get this party started!

If you could care less about dirt and want to know all about the design, start by reading What I Bought for Our Home Build | Lighting!


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