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5 Makeup Station Ideas That Are Functional and Aesthetically Pleasing

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There are so many different makeup stations out there that it can easily overwhelm you once you start to think about it. Do I DIY or just buy one? What size of vanity do I pick out? Do I buy the one with the mirror? Thinking about all these questions and answers can make you want to quit before you even start.

It took me quite a while to find the perfect vanity because I really had to decide if I wanted products displayed on top or to be hidden in drawers. I also had to be realistic about how much makeup I would be accumulating over the years.

Before we start looking into the different vanities, it’s important we ask ourselves some questions first:

How many beauty products do I have?

This answer will ultimately determine your vanity size. Do you want a bigger vanity area to keep all your makeup in one spot or a smaller one for your day-to-day while you house all your extra makeup in a storage system?

Do I want to keep my lotions and perfumes in this vanity as well?

What is my mirror and lightning situation like?

Do I have a stale lighting situation and need the artificial lights that come with some vanities?

Or am I able to use the natural light and get by with a standing mirror on my vanity?

How much space do I have and where is the ideal spot to place it?

Can I have a makeup vanity desk that takes up a lot of space or do I need a small table and small mirror?

Now that we are armed with those answers, let me show you 5 different vanities that I’m sure will suit everyone.

Ikea Alex Drawers

alex drawers

If you are someone who needs lots of makeup storage, then this is the vanity for you. With 10 drawers, varying in-depth, there is more than enough storage space for the average makeup user.

The great thing about this makeup station is the top is not nailed down to the drawers. If you ever want to change your station you can remove the table top and use the drawers somewhere else in your home.

This design has no mirror attached, so I think a hanging mirror above this would be really pretty.

gold vanity makeup mirror

Staystation Plus 2.0

This vanity is beautiful and functional and the glass top gives it a nice look of elegance. This makeup station comes with plenty of additional storage as well. Since the glass top is so pretty you could store aesthetically pleasing things up top and keep the rest of your makeup in the drawers. Though to be fair, some cosmetic companies have really stepped up their game and their packaging is worthy of display.

Another thing to mention is that glass is very easy to clean after the inevitable foundation spill, so that’s a big perk. This vanity comes in plenty of colors and gives you the option of purchasing the coordinating mirror as well.

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Haimes Wide Vanity

This is perfect for people who have a small space but still want it to look nice. This vanity comes with three drawers and four cubbies on top. It also has areas on the side that will hold your blow dryer and curling iron too.

Not only is this a stylish makeup vanity but the drawers are soft closed and the stool is included. Win, win, and win.

This desk would be perfect for the person who doesn’t have a ton of makeup or someone just getting into it the beauty world. The three-paneled mirror on this vanity does fold so just imagine all the different angles you are going to get.

Gesche Wide Vanity With Mirror

This is a very simple but stylish white vanity. This vanity has clean lines and a large mirror. This is another one that would be great in a small room for a chic look.

The drawers are deep so you would have more than enough space to hold all your cosmetic products too.

If the all white look is not for you then a great and easy idea would be to switch out the hardware for something fun. New hardware may seem like a little thing that won’t make a big difference but I assure you, it will.

If you were looking for a bathroom makeup vanity this would be a great option for you too. If I had to choose just one vanity from this list to get, it would be this one!

Mid Century Vanity Desk

Even though West Elm is calling this a desk, I would buy this to be my makeup table. First off, the desk is so beautiful. Yes, I know I said I would choose the one above, but if I was needing a vanity and money was no object, I would be buying this one.

(I’m also not sure why West Elm has this in the kids section – I’m an adult and I would love to own this.)

It comes in three different colors, has a simple design, and would match any room aesthetic. I obviously think it’s perfect but a simple way to make it more modern would be to switch out the hardware.

With deep drawers and an attached mirror, this desk was just made for applying your makeup.

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Now you have easy access to some of the best makeup station vanity ideas. These five could look really nice in a small bedroom, large room, or even a bathroom. If you still can’t find anything you like, I would suggest buying something second hand.

That way you can sand it, paint it your favorite color, and make it the vanity of your dreams. Because after all, the most important thing is to have something you love.

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