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Max Donovan | One Week

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In true new mom/new baby fashion, this post is a few weeks late, but I still wanted to share some photos we took to celebrate one week with Max.

The first week is always a special time in my opinion. Besides the whole major recovering from birth thing haha.

Babies mostly sleep and snuggle in the early days and that’s exactly what we did. Eat. Sleep. Snuggle. Repeat. Being a second-time mom, I know now that “babies don’t keep”, so I tried to be extra intentional about soaking up all the baby snuggles because I know they won’t last.

Even now, Max is approaching 3 weeks old and having more fussy and awake times. I’m glad that I filled the first week with cuddles because I’ll never get those days back. Not to sound all doom and gloom haha. But still.

I was nervous about Will feeling jealous or left out, but so far, he’s completely obsessed with Max and even thinks that Max is *his* baby haha. The smothering love is real and I’m more worried now about Max’s safety when it comes to all these toys that Will puts near his head to play with instead of Will being jealous haha.

Hubby is back to work and now we’re finding our new routine as parents of two that both work from home. I can’t say we’ve got it all figured out. Or that we ever will. Just one day at a time.

But life feels right with this new addition. I’m a proud boy mama!

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