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MCO Turns 5! | Day 1 Giveaway

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Okay, I’ve got to say it.

If 5 years ago you told me I’d be celebrating 5 years of owning my own business and that of all things it would be running a website, well, I would have told you that you were crazy…

But. Here we are. FIVE years. And I truly can’t believe that my passion has turned into a business. Not without its up and downs, of course, which we’ll get into, but right now I just want to say THANK YOU!

The best part of being in the online space has been being able to connect with you. Whether it’s through emails, my newsletter, Instagram, comments, or my Facebook group, I feel like I know you. We talk houses, body image, kids, life, and My Chic Obsession wouldn’t be what it is without you, the readers, and all of your support. So thank you!

I really wanted to drive home my appreciation for you which is why I’m doing 5 days of giveaways to celebrate 5 years!

Every day this week, Monday to Friday, I’m going to give something away. These are all items I put thought into because I wanted to give you something you would love. There’s no company sponsoring me. I paid for all of this myself!

So, here’s how it works.

Monday-Friday there will be a new blog post sharing a bit about my journey as well as announcing the prize for the day and rules of entry! So make sure you come back daily to get in on the action. I just can’t wait to announce the Grand Prize on Friday. 🙂

Without further ado…

Today’s prize!

Monday’s Prize: Handmade Moroccan Straw Bag + Vintage Inspired Cateye Sunglasses

I know many of you love French style as much as I do and in the warmer weather, vintage sunglasses and a straw bag seem to adorn every Parisian woman’s outfit! And I know you’ve seen your fair share of those items around this blog.

Straw bag + Vintage sunglasses

Even if you don’t want to use the straw bag as a purse, you have so many other options too! I love how versatile they are. Bring it to the farmer’s market to hold all of your veggies and fresh flowers. Use it for a beach day or as a picnic basket. Even use it as decor in your home!

How To Enter*

To enter to win today’s prize, comment on this blog post with your answer to the question below:

Question: What are you passionate about?

Yep, that’s it! It can be related to fashion or life. Do you get really excited about home doing projects? Do you dream about the next time you can take a trip? Just tell me what brings you joy and what your interests are.

Happy commenting and good luck!

I’ll see you in tomorrow’s blog post for day 2! I’ll announce the prize for that day as well as share how this all began. It’s time for a trip down memory lane…

Au revoir!

*Winner will be selected at random, picked from the best quality answers, and chosen by the end of the week. The winner will be notified by 9/13 via the email commented with. If the winner is unable to provide a shipping address by 9/17 then another winner will be chosen.


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