Mr. Coffee at home pour over

Starting Your Morning Off Right With The Mr. Coffee At-Home Pour Over

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Once upon a time, I used to not like coffee.

Can we all take a second and think about how ridiculous that is?! 😉

Mr. Coffee at home pour over

But then after getting a coffee pot for our wedding (it was Mr. Coffee actually!), we started to make it more and more and I got into it more…as long as it involved 3 cups of creamer. 😉

In my quest to be healthier, I knew cutting out the creamer would be a good place to start because I drank a ton of coffee which equaled a ton of creamer!

I substituted with almond milk and let me just tell you- it was gross!

I knew I had a decision to make. *dramatic moment*

I loved coffee too much so I knew that if I wanted to keep up my morning motivator I was going to have to drink it black.

And well folks, that was 3 years ago and now a hot cup of black coffee is my favorite thing ever!

So much that when I decided to try creamer in my coffee a while back as a way to “treat myself”, I spit it out. Okay, I just threw it away, but “spit it out” sounds more dramatic.

It was way too sweet and totally masked the taste of coffee. Nothing wrong with those that like creamer, but I like being able to taste and savor the delicious boldness of coffee, now that I have the Mr. Coffee At-Home Pour Over, I can taste it a million times more.

You get pour-over coffee by pouring hot water over coffee grounds. Though it sounds simple, there’s a little bit of technique to it to get it just right! Thankfully, this Mr. Coffee® At-Home Pour Over is really easy to use and walks you through how to make a cup at home!

The screen lights up with step by step instructions telling you what to do and when. And it tells you if you have enough or too much coffee and/or water. Genius!

Mr. Coffee at home pour over

It’s a seamless system and comes with a gooseneck electric kettle which heats to the perfect temperature. The gooseneck kettle isn’t just a fancy design, it’s to pour water over the grounds evenly for the best cup of joe! Whether you’re making 2, 4, or 6 cups, the perfect coffee to water ratio is calculated for you.

I love good, strong cups of coffee with full-body flavor and this super easy to use machine is perfect for my morning routine! Because who needs something complicated in the morning? Especially when you haven’t had your coffee yet 😉

This Mr. Coffee® At-Home Pour Over is not our first Mr. Coffee appliance. They are continually bringing the coffee experience that us coffee lovers love so much right to our home!

Now I’m starting my morning off right with the perfect pour over cup, and also trying to get to it before my husband because it’s just so fun to use! 😉

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