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  1. I just started working from home. I thought it’s just gonna be easy but it’s not. I find it really challenging and I’m not even a mom yet. That’s why I really salute all the moms who are working from home because I don’t know how you guys budget your time like that.

  2. YES! I can relate to this 100%! I am lucky that I have a great support system around me now, but at the beginning, I hear all of these myths from other!

    • So important to have a support system! I’m glad that you have one. I wouldn’t know what I would do without mine!

  3. This was a great post! I especially love the line “If the “real world” means pursuing someone else’s dream and sitting in a cubicle 40+ hours a week.” I’m not a mom but I am a single, SAH solopreneur and people make a lot of the same assumptions about me. I’m done working 40+ hours a week toward someone else’s dream! I’m here to LIVE!

  4. SO many people seem to believe these myths, and they are so far off base. I have had people say some version of these things to me at one point or another.

    • Some of it is crazy what people think at times. But some people just don’t understand and if they’re at least willing to understand that makes me happy!

  5. I can totally relate to all these myths! I left my corporate job to go full time blogging and I got a lot of raised eyebrows. Working at home is difficult, especially if you have kids who expect you to be there at their every call, just because you happen to be “home” all day.

    • Yes, totally! “home” is just the location that you’re working at times…but it doesn’t mean you’re actually home and free if that makes sense!

  6. Hihi….I am not a mother but I so much relate to this. My kind of work involves me writing and blogging and with the tech, we have available to us, in this day and age, we can afford to work from anywhere….just like you put it. It always comes with judgement.

    • I agree that it comes with judgment. But I guess some people will just judge no matter what you do!

  7. People don’t understand that work from home is sometimes a lot more work than a job. I love it though; wouldn’t trade it for anythinig!

    • Thank you! I definitely think it’s quick to judge. A good reminder for me not to judge other people either!

  8. All of those things you have said are so true. I teach now, and it’s rewarding, but it’s not the same as working from home. My problem was I couldn’t make a consistent enough living to do it without panicking a lot. The bills wouldn’t get paid for me if I stayed a WAHM. Kudos to those who can do it and make it work.

    • Thankfully all the income doesn’t depend on me, but yes the bills would definitely have me panicking if it were!

  9. i dont believe in the term full time mom being referred to moms at home. whether you have an 8 hr job or stay at home mom, u r still a full time mom. also i agree that working at home doesnt mean having an easier life… we all have struggles..

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