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Cute Nursery Ideas for Both Boys and Girls

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I wouldn’t exactly consider myself a “mommy blogger” right now, but once we found out the gender of our baby, my brain started shifting into decorating mode and nursery ideas. I’m pretty set on what I’m doing for a nursery now, but I definitely took to the internet, in the beginning, to get inspired and get ideas on what other people did!

Sadly there’s only one room to decorate and for only one gender (unless twins of course), so decisions have to be made. Since I have a lot of preggo friends and family right now, I thought I’d post my favorite nursery ideas I found for both boys and girls to help inspire somebody else!

Top 3 Favorite Girl Nursery Ideas

1. Vintage Floral
It’s feminine without your obvious hot pink and princesses, plus it can grow with your little darling too!

girl nursery ideas

2. Whimsical Woodland
There’s something so cute and whimsy about tiny little creatures in the forest. Can’t you just imagine her wanting to have a tea party with Mr. Rabbit?

girl nursery ideas

3. Pastel Colors
A color combo is a theme in itself and these soft colors are sophisticated enough for any little lady.

girl nursery ideas

Top 3 Favorite Boy Nursery Ideas

1. Earth Elements
Focusing on some of the earth elements makes for just the right amount of cute for a boy’s nursery.

boy nursery ideas

2. Woodland
Depending on how you decorate it, a woodland theme can go for a boy or a girl. It’s perfect for a boy when you focus on the more “rugged” side of nature.

boy nursery ideas

3. Warrior
A nursery doesn’t always have to have a theme. A message can be just as impactful. I love a reminder to little boys to be brave and to be warriors.

boy nursery ideas

Gender Neutral
So you’re #teamgreen, eh? There are plenty of adorable nurseries out there you can do without having to know the gender of your little one!

1. Travel/ adventure
Any boy or girl can appreciate a love for travel.

gender neutral nursery ideas

2. Black & white
Black and white is classic. You can’t go wrong with it! “Kidify” it by using playful prints and decor.

gender neutral nursery ideas

3. Circus
Complete opposite as before, but this is fun and whimsical for either your boy or girl.

gender neutral nursery ideas

These nursery ideas might be what caught my eye, but they certainly aren’t the only ideas out there. Once you start thinking about your hobbies and interests, I think you’ll find that the options are endless. Theme or no theme, in the end I think the best type of nursery is one that was made out of love. 🙂

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