paris christmas gift ideas

60 Paris Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your Shopping List

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51. French Pitcher Vase

A vase is a unique Christmas gift that is perfect in preparation for fresh bouquets and flowers come springtime. This rustic style features French writing in a pitcher vase style, and is available in white or light blue.

52. Vanity Mirror

This mirror brings to mind the elegant, intricate baroque style of French decor that is a staple in Parisian interiors. Plus, this is a classic piece that is small enough to be placed in many places around your giftee’s house – whether it’s in a bathroom, on a bedroom vanity, or even on a hall table.

53. Dinner in Paris Board Game

If you’re looking for Paris gift ideas for someone who loves having friends or family over for game nights, this is a unique gift idea that’s sure to be a hit. Reading through the rules of this game reminds me a bit of Monopoly – except instead of owning houses and railroads, you’re owning and opening restaurants in Paris!

54. French Language Book for Beginners

Before heading to Paris, it’s always a good idea to brush up on your French! Any French national will greatly appreciate the effort to attempt to speak their language. Try to learn a few key phrases and words to help ease preventable confusion caused by a language barrier.

55. Paris-Themed Keychain

When you think of souvenir keychains, you probably haven’t seen one as detailed and whimsical as this one. It includes pastel French macarons, a small Eiffel Tower charm, and a small bow – perfect to represent some of the highlights of a trip to Paris.


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