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  1. Ughh so true. My family has experience cabin fever wayyyyy more than I’d like to admit and it’s terrible. Just a breath of fresh air is sometimes all I need!

  2. I’m probably biased because I live in Texas and have only seen snow here TWICE, buuuuuut, when I was traveling in Wisconsin I was outside in the snow EVERY day! I looooved it! I’m sure it would be different if I lived there, and hated snow lol. Winter is my fave!

  3. I LOVE that breaking icicle photo!! I’m in Minnesota, and I lived in Alaska for several years…this winter has been worth complaining about. But, actually I’m inspired now…I’m not much of a photographer, but even my little town lot would give me some cool rustic photos over by my old garage. Thanks for giving me a new perspective, I’m off to bundle up the toddler and go treasure hunting. <3

    • So happy to hear you’re inspired to go off and go treasure hunting. I hope it was rejuvenating for you!

  4. This list is great! This winter has been really hard on me. We have had a lot more snow then usually and its kept me inside. I need to get out more for my mental health. We live on a lake and I love outdoor living, but I do struggle in the winter. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

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