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  1. These photos are indeed beautiful! Spring was always my favorite as a child, however I so intensely dislike the heat of summer now, plus my allergies literally make me feel like death. Soooo I’ll always choose the fall into winter season over spring into summer!

  2. These photos are so bright and airy! I haven’t been tree climbing in so long but these make me want to try! I’m usually a fan of fall because less allergies but Spring is perfect for all the sunshine you begin to get.

  3. My favorite season really isn’t its own season. It’s the little bit of Indian Summer that you get when fall has begun. It gives me hope because here we are ready to say goodbye to warm summer days and get ready for cold, and then comes this beautiful, almost bittersweet time where the weather is perfect and everything seems to sing. And on a practical note it’s a last chance to finish all the fair weather projects, inside and out. Plus you know a gorgeous fall and then Christmas are coming up next! If there is a golden hour of seasons, then to me, that is it. 🙂

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