amazon products that make our lives easier

The Amazon Products We Can’t Live Without Because They Make Our Lives So Much Easier

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From baking supplies to wardrobe staples, what can’t you get on Amazon? And though this mega business will never replace supporting local and shopping small, we can’t deny that shopping in our pajamas with the option for 2-day shipping makes our busy lives a whole lot easier. Speaking of making lives easier, I polled the team at My Chic Obsession and we rounded up our favorite Amazon products that help us to stay organized and bring more convenience to our lives!

spice jars

Organizing all of my spices in clear glass jars was one of the best things I’ve ever done (you know, besides raising kids). Instead of a hot mess express, it’s now neat and aesthetically pleasing, not to mention functional, especially with the drawer organizer. Now I can easily grab what I need when cooking and can see what spices I have so I don’t buy duplicates.
-Carolyn, Founder & Editor

tahini paste

I love to make hummus and this is the absolute best tahini paste I have ever found. I don’t have many specialty shops where I live so I was so happy when I found Amazon carried it.
-Katherine, Beauty Writer

clear makeup organizer

I love my clear makeup organizer. I used to keep a lot of my makeup in packaging boxes, but it made finding products very difficult. So I invested in a makeup organizer and now I can get ready faster!
-Temwa, Lifestyle Writer

coffee maker from Amazon

I can’t live a day without coffee. Okay, that might be a bit dramatic, but it’d be a very bad day, to say the least. This coffee maker has been a great addition to our home and has been making our lives better for almost two years. I love that it’s multi-purpose – you can make a full pot or make an individual k-cup. It helps keep down on clutter in our kitchen since we only need one machine! It can also be programmed to start brewing your coffee at a specific time. We like to prepare the coffee at night and have it brew right as we’re waking up, that way there’s a fresh pot of coffee waiting for us when we get out of bed!
Tirzah, Admin Specialist

glass bowls

When you have to play Jenga to get one of your mismatched Tupperware, you know it’s time to streamline it. This set helped me do just that and I love the change it’s made to my kitchen. They store way better and not only that, but they’re pretty enough that you can use them to serve too! I love a thing that can do both. (I do wish the lids would be a little bit better, but it’s minor.)
-Carolyn, Founder & Editor

kosher salt

This is another item I must have to cook/bake that the stores around me don’t carry. Love that Amazon carries it.
-Katherine, Beauty Writer

robo floor cleaner

In our household, we have a lot of things working against us when it comes to keeping it clean. Between our two cats, the dog, and two toddlers (and dare I say husband? ;)), our floors get dirty very quickly. Having a robot-vacuum has been an absolute life-saver. We have it programmed to run at 10 pm every night so it cleans while we’re asleep. It’s so nice to wake up to clean floors, and it forces me to pick up all the kids’ toys before bed so the vacuum can do its job!
Tirzah, Admin Specialist

makeup organizer

If you have beauty products, you need organizers! These acrylic containers can hold everything from cotton swabs to tweezers. It keeps your vanity, cupboard, or countertop so much cleaner, neater, and prettier. I love that I can see what I have and know when I’m running low too. Plus, you’ll actually use your beauty products when they’re “on display” instead of thrown in the back of some drawer somewhere.
-Carolyn, Founder & Editor

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