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20+ Easy to Copy Fall Outfit Ideas

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*2021 Update- Though there are still a lot of great looks in this post, check out the posts below for my current fall outfit recommendations!*

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Yay to the first official day of fall! There truly is no season as glorious. You can’t go wrong with sipping apple cider curled up in a blanket with wool socks thinking about your fall outfits. Mhmm.

That’s what I’m doing right now as I watch The Voice. Except it’s tea. And I don’t have wool socks. So basically that’s not what I’m doing right now.

But either way, curl up with your blanket and apple cider because I’m about to bring you the lengthy ULTIMATE GUIDE TO FALL OUTFITS!!!! 

Here are 20+ outfits that will look oh so chic for fall using things you already have in your closet! That’s the best, right?!

Here are all the things I used that can make 20+ outfits!

fall outfit ideas

1. long cardigan + basic tee + skinny jeans + booties+ hat
The length of a long cardigan adds interest to this otherwise basic look (nothing wrong with basic though). Skinny jeans are a staple, but you can also wear a long cardi with leggings to cover the bum! Black and brown make a chic color pairing for fall.

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2. maroon sweater + skinny jeans + sunglasses + booties + watch
This color is one of the perfect fall colors. You can have it shine on its own or pair it with prints. It would pair well with a leopard scarf or booties too!

3. chunky sweater + skinny jeans + booties
Cozy sweaters and chunky cardigans are a must! You can add a necklace to your look, but thankfully chunky sweaters look good on their own too.

4. striped shirt + green jacket + skinny jeans + booties
Always a yes to stripes and a green jacket. There are a gazillion ways to wear both of these pieces on their own, but they make a great pairing worn together.

5. black tee + waterfall cardigan + skinny jeans + booties
A waterfall cardigan is a nice spin on the regular (but still cute) cardigans you see every day! Little style differences like that can elevate your basic, everyday pieces.

You probably couldn’t tell but I’m really not promoting Dunkin Donuts I promise haha. But Dunkin Donuts, if you’re reading this, I’d take some free coffee. 😉

6. plaid shirt + skinny jeans + booties + hat + sunglasses
Plaid and fall go hand in hand. And why wouldn’t they? This print is a classic for mixing or just wearing on its own too!

fall outfit ideas

7. plaid shirt + skinny jeans + fur vest + booties + hat + sunglasses
Take the plaid shirt that you wore for the above outfit and throw some fur on it. Instant outfit update and a little bit of fierceness!

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8. cable knit sweater + chambray shirt + skinny jeans + booties + necklace
A cable knit sweater is another classic piece, but it looks a bit more updated with the layered chambray underneath it and a necklace on top!

9. cable knit sweater + chambray shirt + skinny jeans + booties + brown jacket
And yet, another layer! I’ve said it many times, but layering is one of my favorite ways to show style. You could pick any fall color to layer on top!

10. olive button-down + black skinny jeans + leopard belt + heels
The classic olive color is a fall favorite coming back in the form of a button-down. This color is so cute with leopard print!

11. black skinny jeans + black shirt + booties + brown jacket + hat
I love an all-black ensemble. Possibly the only thing better is adding brown to it! Not a fashion faux pas at all. But, style.

12. black skinny jeans + black shirt + booties + brown jacket + scarf + hat
Now add a scarf around your neck that has the same colors to tie it all in! Casually drape it for a stylish yet casual look.

13. white tee + waterfall cardigan + skinny jeans + booties
Yes, all neutral colors, but the variety keeps it interesting. The details in the cardigan add to it as well!

14. striped shirt + mustard cardigan + leopard scarf + skinny jeans + boots
Surely a combo you’ve seen before, but if it’s not broke don’t fix it! Or however that saying goes. 😉 Add a mustard or purple cardigan for a fun pop of fall color.

15. cable knit sweater + skinny jeans+ hat + scarf + boots
Scarves are a great accessory to add to any outfit to add some print and style!

16. maroon sweater + skinny jeans + scarf + boots
This sweater was featured earlier, but see what I mean about adding a scarf and leopard print to this color? It changes the look, adds interest, and turns it into a cute fall look!

17. black skinny jeans + black shirt + fur vest + boots + sunglasses
All black? Love. All black with fur? Love even more. The different textures keep this almost monochromatic outfit interesting.

18. white tee + skinny jeans + boots + scarf
A white tee is so versatile and is the base for adding any9 print.

19. white tee + green jacket + skinny jeans + tan suede shoes
It’s good to have a variety of shoes for fall, and these ankle suede shoes are going to go with many outfits! Plus, suede is a great print for fall.

20. khaki pants + white tee + green jacket + booties
When in doubt, go with earth tones for the season.

21. khaki pants + green top + booties + necklace
Another example of how good all earth tones look together. Add some detail to the outfit by throwing on a necklace.

22. green cowl neck dress + boots
One and done outfits are the best. Just throw on a sweater dress and call it a day. Looks great with boots and/or leggings.

23. animal print dress + motorcycle jacket + heels
This look is feisty! You can add a moto jacket because #fall, but it will also make this “loud” print easier to take in.

24. wine colored dress + leopard heels
A darling little dress for brunch, church, or what have you.

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25. denim + denim + leopard
Classic with a pop of fun. This is also a great outfit base for adding scarves, cardigans, and/or hats.

Whew! I hope this stocked your closet full of endless fall outfits to wear for this gorgeous season. I can already tell it’s going to be a good one.

*2021 Update- Though there are still a lot of great looks in this post, check out the posts below for my current fall outfit recommendations!*
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