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Things I Bought for Baby #2

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You usually don’t need as much for the second child as you do the first, but it doesn’t mean you still don’t need (or want) to buy things! I like to consider myself somewhat of a minimalist. Though I don’t like to buy too much or have too many things around, I do like cute things and simple things that make like more enjoyable. I’m always curious to see what people are doing differently (or the same) for baby #2 and beyond, so if you are too, read below for the things I bought for this second pregnancy and baby!


Raspberry leaf tea
Lots of moms and midwives swear by this tea as a way to have shorter, easier labors and a smoother recovery. I didn’t drink any with my first but I did start in the third trimester with baby #2. I guess we’ll see if it makes a difference! Even if it doesn’t, well, I love tea, and it’s a healthy way to get in more liquids either way.

raspberry leaf tea

Vital Proteins Collagen
I had massive hair loss after my first pregnancy so this time around I’ve been prepping and preparing by taking collagen ahead of time. Collagen has loads of health benefits so though I don’t know the results of limiting hair loss now, collagen can help your skin, joints, and general well being.

vital proteins collagen

I’ve still got pregnancy aches and sleep is well, nonexistent due to numb hips, but I do think it’s helping my joints overall. We try to take frequent family walks and usually I can’t make it very far because my hips and groin ache. Well, the other day I did a “normal” walk and I was shocked at how my body could handle it. I mean, things tend to get worse later on in pregnancy, not easier haha. I really think this had a lot to do with it!

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For baby

Side sleeper
When we were getting ready for Will to arrive, Titus built a co-sleeper based on a free mattress that I got from doing Baby Box. Well, that mattress is long gone now and we found ourselves in need of a new baby sleeping situation. Since I really liked the ease of a side/co-sleeper, I found this one instead. Once baby outgrows this, he’ll move to the same crib that Will used since Will is now in a toddler bed.

side sleeper

I haven’t used it yet so this isn’t an official review, but I really love that it can be a side sleeper or a bassinet. I can wheel this out to the living room and have the baby chill nearby as well. I especially love that it won’t be an eyesore with its neutral and simple design!

Milk savers
For our first child, I was in a super money-saving mode. This isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but there are times where I could have bought things that would have just made life easier. That’s my goal this second time around- do whatever I can to make life easier!

milk savers

Though every baby and pregnancy can be different, with my first, I had a very generous milk supply and letdown. I let a lot of milk go to waste because I didn’t try to save it or I would try to hold a cup to collect any extra and well, that just got annoying fast and didn’t last haha. Other moms swore by milk savers so I’m just a little late to the game! These had good reviews, but the Haakaa shells are a more expensive version.

Diaper bag
The diaper bag we used for Will got a lot of use, but the strap ended up breaking towards the end. It could have been fixed, but I wanted to switch styles instead anyway. I wanted brown over grey and a backpack instead. Most moms I know end up going the route of a backpack!

diaper bag

What I like about this one is that it can be a backpack or a messenger bag. I really like having both options. Plus, it can be strapped to a stroller. I haven’t used it yet, but once again, the reviews were good!

Neutral pacifiers
I love neutrals, what can I say? Will took pretty much any pacifier we gave him, though none of them were all that aesthetically pleasing to me haha. This baby could be different and only like certain pacifiers, but now I’ve got options– and they’re cute ones too. 😉

Wooden pacifier clip (similar, the exact one I bought is out of stock)
To go with the neutral pacifiers, I opted for a wooden pacifier clip. It’s cute, natural, and can double as a teether too!

wooden clip

Neutral baby blanket
We have lots and lots of blue. Nothing wrong with the color blue, but I like having some simple colors too. I know our house is going to get messy (let’s be real, messier), but my hope is that it won’t seem as bad if the baby items flow with the rest of the house. I could be living in la-la land over here, but I’m going to stick with my theory. 😉

baby blanket

It already feels soft and durable and I’m excited to wrap baby boy up in it!

Neutral baby clothes
Getting to buy new clothes is part of the fun of having a new baby. 😉 My fun splurge for baby boy #2 was getting adorable neutral clothes and items that will allow him and Will to match! #happymama

2 piece sweatshirt set | overalls | sleeveless bodysuits | cotton pants | knit sweater

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Postpartum belly wrap
This postpartum wrap was seriously a game changer with my first kid. For my first pregnancy, I got it because I heard/read gentle wrapping can help your muscles and uterus return to their normal size quicker. I truly believe it did help on that front for me, but what I didn’t expect was all the support it gave me! For weeks after birth, I had a hard time breathing while I walked. It felt like my insides were falling out and it was a freaky, weird, and frankly gross feeling. Using this wrap gave me support and held my insides together and made it easier to breathe.

postpartum wrap

I misplaced my first one, or maybe I threw it away at a time where I said I wasn’t having any more kids, I don’t know haha, but I’m buying the exact same one this time and bringing it to the hospital too!

Sleeping nursing bras
In addition to nursing tanks and bras with clips, I thought this second time around I might like having some nursing bra options without clips to make night feedings easier.

nursing sleeping bra

I’ve already been wearing them around the house now and sometimes I forget I’m wearing them!

I can’t totally remember what I wore after my first pregnancy for lounging around the house, but I knew I would want some loose yet non-sweat pant bottoms this time around. Leggings are great, but sometimes you don’t want anything too tight on your body, ya know?


For both the hospital and recovery, comfort is key!

Lightweight robe
I love robes and use them almost daily, but my closet was missing a relaxed, lightweight one like the robe below. I like that it’s not anything fuzzy or “too bedtimey” so I can wear it during the day and still feel put together while covering up.


It already looks and feels nice and soft. I plan on bringing this one to the hospital too.

Skin recovery set
I like to keep my skin hydrated so I am always running out of lotion. Though I’ve used both Palmers and Bio-Oil with my first pregnancy to hopefully prevent stretch marks, nothing worked. Still got em! So though I don’t think using this set will give me perfect skin, I figure if I am going to use lotion I may as well use something that could potentially help!

skin recovery set

Every mama needs a few new things to look forward to wearing, right? It doesn’t have to be anything crazy or expensive either. For me, it’s a new set of pajamas with some fuzzy socks and cute slippers. You can bring these things to the hospital with you to make that experience more enjoyable, or you can save them to wear at home postpartum! I found my items at Tjmaxx, but Amazon has a lot of affordable options too.


Pumping bra
On my goal of just making life easier, I knew a hands-free pumping bra would come in handy. I didn’t have one at all for my first pregnancy, though I pumped (in addition to breastfeeding) a decent amount. My lifestyle has changed a bit this second time around and though I’ll be home a lot more, I still like having extra milk in the freezer for traveling, flexibility, and times where I may be gone longer than 2 hours.

pumping bra

That’s my list! If you are a second time mom (or more), drop what things you bought or did differently the second time around!

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