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6 Best Thrift Stores in Madison, WI

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There’s always a new treasure to be found thrifting- especially in Madison, WI where there are so many thrift stores of all shapes & sizes! Vintage, curated, or jumbled, the thrill of the find is real and here are 6 of the best thrift stores in Madison, WI that you’ve got to check out on your next visit there!

6 Best Thrift Stores in Madison, WI

1. Rethreads

6664 Odana Rd, Madison, WI 53719

This place is really fun! You can find unique and vintage items, as well as your high-end pieces too. Think a classier Plato’s Closet…same store vibes and prices, but you’ll see less Aeropostale and more designer highlights!

Re Threads store in Madison, Wisconsin

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2. Habitat for Humanity Restore

4207 Monona Dr, Madison, WI 53716

Ahh, home lovers rejoice. If you’ve never heard of ReStores before, they are the mecca for bargain hunters and DIYers.

If you’re renting or not totally into home projects, then these stores may not be for you, but for those that are, they are GOLD. Pure gold, baby.

habitat for humanity restore in madison wisconsin

I love the thrill of the find, plus the prices are insane.

Everything from furniture to sinks, leftover paint,

3. Goodwill

This will be the most typical thrift store out of the bunch. No designer spotlight and the clothes are more “basic”, but on the flip side, the prices are way cheaper too! If you’re not familiar with Goodwill it’s comparable to a Salvation Army or St. Vincent De Paul.

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4. Habitat for Humanity Restore

5906 Odana Rd, Madison, WI, 53719

This ReStore is smaller and has less selection, but still definitely worth checking out. You never know what home/project gems you could find!

5. Pink Poodle

6676 Odana Rd #1012, Madison, WI 53719

pink poodle madison wi thrift store

I don’t say the words need & have to a lot (as in you have to go here or need to do this), but with this place, I’ll boldly say it: You have to go! It’s an amazing place for fashionistas to find vintage, designer, or just well-curated pieces.

The atmosphere is fun, the selection is insane, and there are just so many goodies!! Prices are midrange to high (it’s an upscale boutique after all), but they do have sale racks that are worth checking out. Plus, it’s right next to Rethreads (#1)!

6. St. Vincent De Paul

6301 Odana Rd, Madison, WI 53719

This place is similar to a Goodwill but I’ve found some of my best gems at this particular location. Have you seen my thrift haul video? You can see some of them there!

st vincent de paul madison wi thrift store

I took a picture of the prices so you can get an idea, but I think they’re kinda all over the place. Meaning you could find something for $2 or $40! But stylish people must drop their stuff off here because this place is good!

Happy thrifting to you!!

If you want to see more of my thrift finds “in person”, check out this video!

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