packing list for paris and barcelona

Travel Packing List for Paris & Barcelona in the Fall

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I can’t believe I’m packing for a trip, and not just any trip, but PARIS and Barcelona!

It’s been my life dream for yearsss to go to Paris and it’s actually happening in less than a month! Barcelona is a happy, fun add-on I get to experience as well. No doubt I’m going to take a million pictures and post about it so make sure you’re following me on Instagram to get the full experience (@mychicobsession)! 😉

I have 3 1/2 days in Paris and 3 1/2 days in Barcelona. My goal is to bring everything I need in a carry on and backpack so I don’t have to deal with luggage between flights. I want to pack AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE to have room for souvenirs.

This will be a little tricky because it’s fall in Paris, so of course, I need boots and sweaters…and that will take up lots of space! My outfit goals are to look chic and maximize my outfits without being too cliche (like wear a beret and carry around a loaf of bread).

This is my first time to Paris and I’m not a packing expert. There are a ton of outfits you could make, but this is what I am personally doing based on my closet inventory (i.e not buying anything if I don’t have to).  I’ll do an update on the end of how/if it all worked!

This is my very minimal, pack everything in a carry on packing list!

Packing list for Paris & Barcelona:

At a glance, these are all of the clothes I’ll be bringing:

packing list for paris and barcelona

Now more detail…

trench coat


The weather is going to be chillier, so a coat is a must. I have this gorgeous, puffy green fury winter coat but that might not be the best choice because I’m sure I will get hot from walking, and I think my coat alone would take up my whole carry on. Since my coat is going to be a part of my outfit, I went cliche and I just ordered a trench coat from Amazon so fingers crossed it looks as good in person!

black shoes

I’m one that definitely chooses style over comfort (or so my husband keeps reminding me), but I do NOT want to ruin my trip because I can’t even walk. This will limit my shoe options, especially if I want to save money on stuff to buy THERE and not spend my money on clothes HERE. For instance, I have a really cute pair of brown boots that will finish off each outfit, but they hurt my feet after only a couple of hours of walking. So yeah…I don’t think those will make the list.

On the flip side, my black boots are really comfortable. So though it won’t leave much room for outfit variation, I will thank myself in the long run.

I also have a pair of black Coach sneakers that I got at TjMaxx, so these will be a staple. They’re less “athleticy” and more chic.



You see pictures of everyone carrying around this dainty clutch when they’re in the City of Love/Lights. Is that real life? Do they live there? Do they keep the clutch in their bigger bag and take it out for photo ops? Hmm..not a bad idea. I’m only bringing one medium-sized black and white purse that zips (I’ve heard about the pickpocketers) and hope everything fits.

black and white purse


I have these really comfy-shiny-pant-legging-type things. They’re nicer than leggings, but don’t feel like jeans. These will be my travel pants for the whole trip. I’ll pair it with basic layering clothes that I’ll already be wearing on my trip. I’ll be wearing it with a blanket scarf that will double duty for a blanket on the plane!

travel outfit

So for the 3 1/2 days in Paris, this is what I plan on wearing…
what to wear in paris
This is what I plan on wearing in Barcelona…

what to wear in barcelona

Did I miss anything? Should I add anything or take it away?

Want to read how my trip went?

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paris packing list


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