If you’re already looking forward to cute summer outfits like me, then you’re in luck. Read on for 12 casual outfits updated for 2024. Cheers to another year of summer fun and chic looks!

After going to Paris this past fall and seeing the iconic French style in person, I have classic French outfits in mind while I’m choosing pieces to wear in the upcoming summer months.

Especially during the summer time, having chic airport outfits does not mean that we can’t find ways of being completely content and cozy in our seats as we try to doze off until landing!

Whether you are already a lover of the preppy style or just now getting into it with me, get ready to incorporate a few new go-to outfits into your closet.

If it’s the Chanel aesthetic you’re after, there are plenty of ways to achieve a similar look without breaking the bank with the real thing.

Let’s talk denim! Regardless of body type, age, or personal style, jeans beat out all of the latest trends when it comes to truly ruling the fashion game. Here are some classic looks featuring jeans!