Because I’m a beginner when it comes to gardening, I don’t want to start spouting off tips that may or may not be right, so I hope this post serves as inspiration for you instead!

My plan was to get things that I love (like sweet corn & spinach) and grow things I don’t totally love (like brussel sprouts) to broaden my own tastes & horizons. We have 4 raised garden beds and we have them separated by squash/potato type things, leafy greens, and an herb/medicinal garden.

It was a little tricky picking out the right spot for the beds, but I chose what we did because I wanted to make the raised garden beds part of my eventual courtyard/secret garden and I’m using the evergreen trees as a backdrop for that. This area gets both shade & sun so we planned our plants accordingly.

I want stepping stones, pea gravel, a cute cafe set, flowers, and lots more! So yeah, it will be a while, but it’s good to have a goal and inspiration.  Even though it may not aesthetically be what I want right now, we can still enjoy it!

And it’s fun to see Will enjoy it too. Not to mention rewarding, seeing him out there “working”.  That makes my momma heart happy knowing that he’s already being exposed to hard work, patience, and learning how to enjoy the fruits of your labor at just 2 years old!

for more pictures and inspiration, check out the blog!