When wearing socks with loafers, you want it to look intentional. Though this isn’t a hard style to pull off, you don’t want to just pull out your ol’ regular socks. This outfit idea requires more than just simple ankle socks, but don’t worry, it’s not too complicated!

First things first. The socks must be fully visible or not visible at all. No awkward in-between here. We don’t want something that makes people second guess if you did it on purpose or not. Not exactly the type of look we are going for!

Are you going for a preppy chic look? Choose white ribbed socks to wear with penny loafers, bare legs, an oxford shirt, and a plaid skirt.

If you’re wearing a skirt or shorts with your loafers and socks, feel free to bunch them at the ankle a little bit for a carefree, stylish look.

For a casual look, wear your socks and loafers with cropped flared jeans and a simple top, like a basic top or sweater.

For a chic look or formal occasions, pair tassel loafers with a white shirt, blazer, and dress pants.

Do you want a timeless look? Then take inspiration from my outfit pictured in this post, and choose neutral socks worn with a pair of jeans and blazer.

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