The best style of jean for every body type



To find the jeans of your dreams, all you have to do is lookout for an inseam anywhere between 25 to 28 inches. So no matter what jeans style you prefer, the important thing to focus on is the length because that is what makes jeans ideal for petite legs.


The average height for an American woman is 5 feet 3.5 inches. So brands try to meet that demand for that demographic. But for leggy ladies, you will need to look for long inseams that are 30 inches or above. And a great way of discovering the right jeans in longer styles is to measure your inseam, a.k.a, the distance between the crotch to the bottom hem of your pants.

FOR curvy hips

The jean struggle is real for women with wider hips and a slim waist. And this leaves a lot of women asking themselves “what type of jeans should I wear?" The best jeans for curvy hips tend to be stretch denim. They will give you a comfortable fit and will hug you all in the right places without squeezing you.

FOR a flatter butt

TThe first thing to look out for is jeans with larger pockets at the back for accentuating the backside. Another secret weapon to making your behind look great? Choosing jeans with a good yoke design (it’s the V part of your jeans located under the waistband). The deeper the V, the better your bum will look..

FOR apple shape 

A great way to highlight your body is by draw attention to your legs rather than to your torso. You can do this by opting for high-rise jeans from Everlane to highlight your legs. They have the unparalleled power to instantly transform your look and flatter your apple shape body.