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What To Wear in Napa Valley In The Summer (Tips To Dress Stylishly)

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This post may contain affiliate links.

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You’ve found the perfect hotel to stay at, the perfect wineries to visit, and the perfect restaurants to eat at. Now all that’s missing is the perfect thing to wear. You may be a little confused about what to wear in Napa Valley and rightfully so! California is known for being pretty casual, but wine tasting is usually thought of as an upscale activity. So what’s a girl to wear? Whether you have a girls’ weekend planned or you’re packing for your romantic anniversary weekend, here’s what to wear in Napa Valley in the summer as well as tips on how to dress stylishly!

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No matter the season, you’d want comfortable clothing and light layers, but take the time of year into extra consideration as the different seasons can really affect your outfits, though this post will mostly focus on what to wear in Napa Valley in the summer.

August-October- Harvest season, supposedly the perfect time to visit
November-February- Slow season and colder weather
March-May- Spring and green, but can be chilly and wet
June-July- Beautiful weather and mostly sunny

1. Say Yes to Comfortable Shoes

Visiting a winery usually means walking through parking lots, dirt paths, and pea gravel walkways, as well as standing in grass, so it’s best to leave the heels at home. Though a pair of wedges could be a good compromise if you’re a girl that loves to dress up!

For shoes, I’d recommend flat sandals or nice flip flops.

2. You Can Never Go Wrong With a Sundress

I went in June where the daily temperatures ranged from 80-90 degrees and almost every woman I saw (including myself) wore some type of sundress. When in doubt, wear a pretty sundress with stylish sandals.

Some older women wore skirts, capris, or dressier shorts paired with a short sleeve shirt. The summer months can be pretty hot, so it’s a great idea to stick with loose or breezy materials.

It’s also a good idea to check out the description of the vineyard you’ll be visiting too, as each one may have a certain dress code. Not literally perse, but for example, if one winery is a formal sit-down event, then you may want to dress more upscale, while a guided tour outdoors may be a bit more casual.

3. Embrace Wine Country Casual

You’ve probably seen the term “wine country casual” thrown around when researching what to wear in Napa Valley. Though a vague term, it allows room for your own style to shine as everything from skirts to pants, can all go. But what is wine country casual not? It’s not athleisure and it’s not sloppy.

I’d steer clear of super casual things like gym shorts, sporty t-shirts, and itty bitty cut-offs. If the term wine country doesn’t ring a bell, then think of something along the lines of business casual. This style is not formal but still gives off a polished appearance. Plan your outfits around dresses, skirts, blouses, and nicer pants and shorts.

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4. Pack Your “Extras”

The perfect wine tasting outfit is a mix of comfort and style. Don’t forget the essential items that elevate your look! Sunglasses and a sun hat are stylish and practical, while beautiful jewelry and a lightweight scarf can add some style to your look. This packable straw hat from Madewell looks summer chic and would fit perfectly in your suitcase.

When it comes to what purse you should have, a crossbody bag or some type of bag with a strap is best. Your hands may get full with wine glasses and brochures, so it’s best to have a bag that you don’t have to juggle with or worry about leaving behind.

On the topic of extras, skip the strong perfume and flavored lip gloss. Even if you’re not a serious wine taster, it’s recommended not to be wearing these as they can interrupt your tasting experience, and if you’re wearing perfume, it can distract those around you. Save the perfume for a night out and opt for simple chapstick instead to keep your lips moisturized.

5. Yes, You Need Layers!

Layers in sunny California? You betcha! Whether you visit in the summer or fall, it’s always a good idea to pack outerwear options such as a cardigan, denim jacket, or an equally stylish light jacket, as the temps can drop at night and it may get a bit chillier in gift shops, tasting rooms, and barrel rooms.

Napa Valley Outfit Ideas

As previously stated, you can’t go wrong with a nice dress! Whether you prefer maxi dresses, midi dresses, or even mini dresses, try to keep the materials light and loose to strike the right balance of casual cute. Though white isn’t usually the best idea if you spill a lot, you can still make your outfit look fresh by dressing in lighter colors.

Madewell is one of my favorite retailers for high-quality clothing and below I’ve rounded up some super cute dresses that I think would look great in Napa Valley:

Pair your dress with any of these cute summer sandals:

One easy way to make your outfit look more stylish is to add interest. I like to do this with a cute straw hat and straw bag, as well as some dainty gold jewelry.

Finish it off with any of these accessories:

If you’re not a dress person, you can still look cute and stylish in an outfit with pants. Skinny jeans aren’t the best idea for summer, and instead, swap them out for a pair of chinos or linen pants. Finish off the outfit with a blouse, espadrille flats, and a sun hat!

Shop these chic dress alternatives:

Truly, you don’t have to overthink what to wear in Napa Valley! If you’re visiting in the summer I can say from experience that you’ll be fine in your favorite cute summer outfits. Just think polished and cute, but not overdone and you’ll look great.

Day trips or weekend getaways, time spent in Napa Valley taking in the views, and enjoying some delicious wine can end up being some of the best times you’ll have!

If you’re looking for other stylish tips on what to wear in the summer, then check out the posts below!
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what to wear in napa valley
what to wear in napa valley


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