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How to Wear Bike Shorts (in a Nonathletic Way)

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Since shedding their reputation as mountain bike and triathlon shorts, these athletic shorts have transformed into the most versatile sporty pieces a woman can own in her everyday closet. Thanks to Princess Diana, bicycle shorts have become a fashion statement. So much so that you can wear a pair of bike shorts everywhere from traveling to even getting brunch with your gal pals. If you’re wondering how to wear biker shorts in a nonathletic and non-sporty way, then check out the outfit ideas below!

1.  Black Bike Shorts + Striped Sweater (or Cardigan)

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While everyone else styles their biker shorts with an oversized graphic tee, take a chic approach and dress up your women’s bike shorts with a classic striped sweater or striped cardigan.

Give your laid-back ensemble a casual-chic touch with a nice loafer or sneaker. Even though colorful and chunky sneakers are trending in the fashion world, a pair of minimal white sneakers would be a good idea. Not only will white work well with everything you have in your wardrobe, but they are more timeless too.

To complete your look, accompany your biker shorts with a cute and practical tote bag. This first look might be your new go-to everyday look!

2. Biker Shorts + Blazer

Gone are the days when women’s bike shorts were only worn with a sports bra or oversized hoodie to cycling class. Nowadays, there are different ways to style biker shorts if you prefer a nonathletic approach. And a great way to create a chic look is by dressing up a biker short with a timeless blazer!

To offset the “I just came from a bike ride look,” pair your black shorts with office-chic loafers. Round off your outfit with a blazer. Whether you go for oversized or fitted, the chic effect will remain the same. Loafers and blazers will help shed any association with mountain biking apparel!

3. Biker Shorts + Biker Jacket

Pairing a biker jacket with your biker shorts doesn’t double down on the sporty effect. No siree, if anything, a cool girl leather jacket over a basic white tee instantly gives your biker shorts model-off-duty street style vibes.

Finish off your look with white sneakers or ankle boots. Even though these athletic shorts were originally made to be worn with sneakers, sleek booties can work too as it’s a unique way of making regular shorts look a lot more stylish.

4. Biker Shorts + Denim Jacket

Athleisure style says to style your biker shorts with bra tops and hoodies in trendy colors. But if you prefer a more classic approach, you can still achieve a casual cute look with a denim jacket.

A denim jacket paired with a basic tee makes for the perfect spring and summer look should you find yourself running errands or having a casual shopping day.

5. Biker shorts + Stylish Accessories

Even if you pair your biker shorts with an oversized hoodie, they will still look stylish (and not sporty) if you wear them with fashionable accessories!

No one will think you’re headed to the gym if you throw on a classic watch, gold bracelets, unique sunglasses, and a stylish bag. The right accessories can turn your bike shorts from a stylish lazy day look to a base layer for a trendy yet fashionable outfit.

6. Biker Shorts + Button Down

The easiest way to make an athletic clothing item look a little less athletic is to pair it with a classic piece. We’ve gone over the blazer and now, you can see that a button-down makes for an unexpected yet welcome pairing with spandex shorts.

Come summer, you may find that an oversized linen button-down is just the thing you need for light-colored biker shorts on a casual day.

7. Biker Shorts + Collared Sweater

sweater | sneakers | shorts

A chic sweater is a perfect way to make your biker shorts look a little less “athleticy”. Offset your relaxed look with a classy handbag.

Even if you have other sporty style elements like a baseball cap and sneakers, the right bag and sweater will create a stylish casual chic outfit!

To add a fun twist to your outfit, pair white socks with your ensemble to mix athleisure yet chic.

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It’s true that biker shorts are a controversial style. However, they can be a great piece to add to your closet if you lean towards a casual, athleisure, or casual-chic style.

Fashion trends come and go, and who really knows if bike shorts are here to stay, but if you like them, then you may as well take advantage of this comfortable yet versatile clothing piece!

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