5 Clothing Pieces to Invest in That You Won't Regret Later



Even if you live somewhere generally warm, outerwear is something we’ll all need at some point. Especially when sometimes it’s the only thing someone will see of your outfit. You want to leave a good impression…it can’t be an afterthought!



Most people are on their feet constantly, which is just one more reason to spend extra here! Start with the styles that you know will always be in and you know you’ll always wear.



The right handbag can stand the test of time, so think twice before splurging on the latest It bag or being tempted to get something just because of the shiny “double G’s”. The right bag will carry you through the different seasons and match all your different outfits!



Basic tees and tops may look worn pretty quickly, but your sweater should be able to last and keep its look, especially because they become a staple during fall and winter season.


The Piece That Makes Up Your Signature Style

Before investing, ask yourself if you already wear an item like this, if it would fit into your wardrobe and lifestyle, and if you’d buy it if it weren’t ____ (Gucci, Prada, Chanel, etc) and if it didn’t have a logo.

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