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5 Clothing Pieces to Invest in That You Won’t Regret Later

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Though #budgetfashion is right up my alley, there are times when it’s a good idea to spend more on your wardrobe. Don’t worry, I don’t think this means you need to go out and buy designer everything. I think that’s a big misconception that investing=designer. Not that designer isn’t high-quality, but that’s not the only way to get it, ya know? Whether you’re buying designer or not, here are the clothing pieces (and more) to invest in without getting buyer’s remorse!

5 Clothing Pieces to Invest in

Though brands do play a part in it, we are looking for high-quality materials. Things such as wool, cashmere, leather, silk, suede, etc. Look at the tag! What is it made out of? Does it advertise itself as cashmere but when you look at the tag it only has 10%? Be wary of blends. We want the real deal!

1. Outerwear

Even if you live somewhere generally warm, outerwear is something we’ll all need at some point. It’s not something you want to skimp on either! Especially when sometimes it’s the only thing someone will see of your outfit. You want to leave a good impression…it can’t be an afterthought! I think everyone should have a long wool camel coat, but whatever else you choose to invest in will be up to your style and weather!

trench coat (London Fog/thrifted, similar here and here) | camel coat (thredUP, similar here and here)

2. Shoes

Most people are on their feet constantly, which is just one more reason to spend extra here! Start with the styles that you know will always be in and you know you’ll always wear. Shoes like ankle boots! They can be worn all year (yes-even summer), and if you don’t want to keep buying the same pair over and over again, get a nice pair! Suede and leather are my favorites, with leather probably being my ultimate favorite just because they’re slightly easier to take care of. I found mine second hand and that’s a great thing about leather- you don’t have to buy it new because it ages really well and just gets cooler!

red leather boots (thrifted, similar here and here) | suede boots

To decide what shoes you should spend a lot of money on, think about your job, your life, and what you’re reaching for the most- sneakers? ankle boots? loafers? Then you’ll know what shoes you should invest in!

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3. Handbag

Just like shoes, I’m a sucker when it comes to leather. Especially when it’s smooth and buttery. The right handbag can stand the test of time, so think twice before splurging on the latest It bag or being tempted to get something just because of the shiny “double G’s”. The right bag will carry you through the different seasons and match all your different outfits!

bag (old, similar here and here)

4. Sweaters

Basic tees and tops may look worn pretty quickly, but your sweater should be able to last and keep its look, especially because they become a staple during fall and winter season. A cashmere sweater would be softer on the skin and give you more wear in spring, but I went with 100% wool because I live in the midwest and I need to be prepared for another polar vortex!

sweater (thrifted, similar here)

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5. The piece that makes up your signature style

Believe it or not, as a fashion blogger I only own one designer item…and that’s this 100% silk Oscar De La Renta scarf. And before you think I dropped mad cash- I got it heavily discounted at thredUp. Score!

scarf (thredUp, similar here and here)

Knowing if and when to buy a designer item could be its own post, but for me, I didn’t get this scarf just because it was designer. In fact, there are no super visibly logos so no one would even know unless I told them! I didn’t get the scarf for the name, but for what it is.

Before investing, ask yourself if you already wear an item like this, if it would fit into your wardrobe and lifestyle, and if you’d buy it if it weren’t ____ (Gucci, Prada, Chanel, etc) and if it didn’t have a logo. The last one is the most important giveaway for if you really want it or not!

I love silk scarves and wear them a ton anyways, so I knew this was a seamless fit in my wardrobe. It’s not the type of item I’d be wondering how to wear! Also, the colors are perfect for me, without being too plain. Neutral enough to match everything I own without being boring!

What is that one timeless piece you’d love to own and be known for? Maybe a Chanel brooch? A leather watch? Pearl earrings? You are worth investing in yourself and that one thing (or more 😉 ) that would add a touch of luxe to your wardrobe!

trench coat outfit

Okay, these aren’t all technically clothing pieces, but you know what I mean, right?! 😉

This list is certainly not a one size fits all, but merely a starting point! You don’t need to go out and buy everything on this list (though if you use my links I won’t be mad ?), but first, think about your own lifestyle and needs and go from there. If you live in Florida or Arizona, you probably don’t need to invest in a wool coat. If you’re a mom and always carrying around a diaper bag, you probably don’t need a leather handbag!

People may say to invest in jeans since you wear them almost every day, but I wouldn’t say you need to “invest” in them per se, just try them on and see if you like them! I have jeans from American Eagle, Topshop, H&M, and Levis that are all holding up well. But Levis is a classic brand and one you can’t go wrong with. Whatever you do, don’t go The Buckle route- no one needs to drop $200+ on a pair of jeans that are ripped and bedazzled!

At the end of the day, you’ll find deciding what you spend your money on and what to save is a very personal choice. Take these lists as starting points, because so much is going to differ from person to person! The end goal is a wardrobe mixed and matched with quality pieces that you’ll love!

If this post helped you figure out what clothing pieces to invest in, go ahead and give it a share! 🙂

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