5 Affordable Postpartum Swimsuits


BIKINX Tankini

This suit is an athletic style and great for the moms that will be active on the beach and not just trying to lay out…like I will be doing. The top does a great job of hiding your stomach as the fabric is loose, not clingy.


Century Star Tankini

Though you can’t see it, these bottoms go past the belly button so they do offer some tummy control, though the material does not compress a lot. And yes, peplum can add volume to your midsection, but it can be a good option for postpartum swimsuits to hide a belly pooch as it camouflages it too.



Though this suit doesn’t photograph that well (hello, wrinkles), I feel like it’s a good one-piece option for those looking to hide their belly. It’s slimming and covers the belly well, and with the ruffles, you’ll still look cute!


PLOVZ Tankini

This option is a bit chesty, but it does come with straps to raise it up and turn it into a halter top. This suit is one of the less “mom” looking options. The sheer fabric is alluring, yet hides any extra belly at the same time!


Ferbia Tankini

Some empire waist peplums can come across as maternity tops (though really you just need to try it on and see what looks good for your body), but I think this one hits at a good spot. This mix of patterns is cute and great for moms that don’t want a basic black suit.

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