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10 Affordable Postpartum Swimsuits To Hide a Belly Pooch

This post may contain affiliate links.

This post may contain affiliate links.

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We love our kids, no doubt about that, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we love the deformed belly button, saggy skin, stretch marks, and diastasis recti that pregnancy leaves behind. It’s hard to find flattering clothes postpartum as it is, let alone a swimsuit that makes you feel good, look good, and oh yeah, doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Is that an impossible task? I set out to see.

Truthfully, I never planned on posing in swimsuits and posting it on the internet. But I found myself looking for postpartum swimsuits to hide a belly pooch and I figured other moms would be too. My goal with this post is to help you find a suit you can feel great in (or at least not dread wearing), by showing you what it looks like on a “real” postpartum body (7 weeks pp to boy #2 in these photos).

My biggest insecurity right now isn’t even my saggy skin, as much as it’s my belly pooch that’s still healing…or maybe it will always be there. Who knows. You can see it in the photos below and though it’s a super cute suit, it showed me that some swimsuits are better at hiding the belly pooch over others.

The suits featured in this post will leave you feeling covered yet cute and take away any “But is she still pregnant or….?”

Let’s get into it!

But first, here are some keywords and things to look for in a suit.

  • High Waist Bottoms
  • Tummy Control
  • Nothing too clingy or form-fitting
  • Details such as ruching, shirred, and draped
  • Styles such as cross front, wrap top, sarong top, blouse top, a-line top, and swing top

The options in this post are all affordable too, by the way. Nothing is over $45!

Okay, so now we’ll really get into the affordable postpartum swimsuits to hide a belly pooch!

1. BIKINX Tankini Swimsuit
wearing size 2-4

This suit is an athletic style and great for the moms that will be active on the beach and not just trying to lay out…like I will be doing. 😉 The top does a great job of hiding your stomach as the fabric is loose, not clingy.

It does feel a bit like you’re just wearing a slick tank top, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if that’s what you like! The bottoms aren’t cheeky and the neckline isn’t low, so overall this suit is pretty modest too. Great for the water parks and beach days with the in-laws.

2. Century Star Two Piece Tankini
wearing size 6-8

Though you can’t see it, these bottoms go past the belly button so they do offer some tummy control, though the material does not compress a lot. And yes, peplum can add volume to your midsection, but it can be a good option for postpartum swimsuits to hide a belly pooch as it camouflages it too. Is the extra volume fabric? Stomach? I guess we’ll never know! 😉

3. MAXMODA Ruffle Swimsuit One Piece
wearing size medium

Though this suit doesn’t photograph that well (hello, wrinkles), I feel like it’s a good one-piece option for those looking to hide their belly. It’s slimming and covers the belly well, and with the ruffles, you’ll still look cute!

4. HOLDPOSE High Neck Swimsuit Side-Tie Bathing Suit
wearing size medium

I almost didn’t include this suit in this post (because I want to only show you good options), but after taking these photos I realized I wore it wrong. I felt like it was a little bit shapeless (and it is), but the sides are meant to be tied, thus creating a draped shirred look that can be very flattering for tummies! To cover up more skin, you have the option to wear it loose too if you wanted.

5. PLOVZ Tankini Swimdress
wearing size medium

This option is a bit chesty, but it does come with straps to raise it up and turn it into a halter top. This suit is one of the less “mom” looking options. The sheer fabric is alluring, yet hides any extra belly at the same time!

6. Profile by Gottex Women’s Bandeau Flyaway One Piece Swimsuit
wearing size 6

Meow! Similar to the swimsuit above, it drapes in the front with extra fabric, camouflaging your belly. Though it’s not see-through like the previous one, the stylish factor here is the print. Perfect for the moms that want to feel stylish and trendy and that feels a little insecure about a stubborn belly. (That’s me!)

7. Ferbia Off Shoulder Peplum Bikini High Waisted Tankini
wearing size medium

Some empire waist peplums can come across as maternity tops (though really you just need to try it on and see what looks good for your body), but I think this one hits at a good spot. This mix of patterns is cute and great for moms that don’t want a basic black suit.

8. Dokotoo Stripes Lined Up Double Up Tankini Top
wearing size medium

To me, this suit nailed a lot of needs. Cute (without being stuffy) and tummy camouflaging all at the same time. The cutouts are in the right spot without really showing much, but yet you still feel like a stylish mom. The bottoms are tie-bottoms, so keep that in mind if you plan to be active in this suit.

9. Yonique 2 Piece Athletic Swimwear
wearing size medium

Similar to suit #1, this is a great set for the moms that plan to be active and want the freedom to move their arms and bodies without having any straps or ties come undone. It offers better support as well since it has thick straps.

10. B2prity Mesh Tankini Swimsuits Ruffled Swimwear
wearing size medium

This suit is a great “non-mom” option. It looks and feels cute, plus the strip of mesh makes you feel a bit more stylish!

If you feel insecure, the last thing you’ll want to do is throw on a suit and go out in public. I get the feeling. But I don’t want a summer of family memories to pass me by and I don’t want that for you either. The right suit can make you feel confident (or confident enough) to splash in the water, go down a slide with your kids, or lay out on the beach.

Whether you find any postpartum swimsuits to hide a belly pooch on this list or somewhere else, here’s to a summer of making memories and not letting our insecurities get us down. Because in 5 years when you look back, you’re not going to remember what you looked like but the memories that you made.

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