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These Are the Best Boots For Women With Skinny Legs

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There’s no secret that boots are the key to looking chic for every fall occasion. They are the building blocks with which you can create a plethora of fashion-forward outfits. A knee-high boot can be styled with everything from skinny jeans, skirts, to cashmere sweater dresses. However, the only issue with boots is finding a perfect-fitting pair for skinny legs.

I’m sure a lot of women with narrow calves can attest that finding knee-high boots that fit well and in a style they love is challenging. Just like searching for the perfect pair of jeans, it takes a lot of trial and error to find flattering boots. A lot of the current ones on the market tend to be wide around the calf and the top.

Maybe you spot a cute pair of booties on a Facebook AD but your subconscious tells you that they will look baggy on your skinny legs. Or, perhaps you finally buy a pair of booties that you’ve been eyeing for a long time but, they either A) need leg warmers to make them fit your calves, or B, need laces to keep them from dragging down.

To help make your search for skinny leg-friendly boots less of a headache, here are some key things to consider on your shoe-shopping checklist:
  1. Look out for the right calf circumference: Most knee-high boots that are available have a standard 15-16 inch circumference which is ideal for women with wide calves. But If you want your boots to fit like a glove on your skinny legs, you should always search for boots that have a 12 to 14-inch calf circumference in the product description.
  2. Go for adjustable features: Laces or buckles are great adjustable features if you want your boots to be extra snug on your slender legs. These features will enable you to customize the circumference of the calf to give you a better fit rather than a baggy look.
  3. Consider stretchable materials: There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to knee-high boots for women with skinny legs. This is why stretchable boots might be a perfect option for you. Once you place your legs in the boots, they will immediately adapt to the size of your slender leg.

If you’re desperately on the hunt for boots for your slim calves, we have rounded up top-rated boots that you won’t have to hoist back up every 10 seconds.

1. Steve Madden Women’s Georgette Fashion Boot

Say hello to Steve Madden’s gorgeous fashion boot! It has more than 100 reviews on Amazon, plus a solid 4.4 rating overall. It makes total sense that people are into it. For one, the number of outfits this boot will go with is endless. And most importantly this boot fits very well for women with skinny legs.

What women love about these boots:OMG! All of my ladies with slim legs – you need these! I have SUPER skinny legs and these boots actually fit! I don’t know how anyone with regular/larger legs could possibly squeeze into these but if you are looking for a pair that will stay up for skinny legs – these are it!

2. Sharnell II Knee High Boot

This bootie is a must-have for women with skinny legs. It boasts a 13-inch calf circumference, so you’re guaranteed to get a slim fit. The knee-high bootie also features adjustable back laces to keep the boots from dropping. When it comes to style, this boot has got you covered! The rust shade will add the perfect pop of color to your fall looks

What women love about these boots:I would 100% recommend these boots to anyone!
I am absolutely thrilled with these boots! I find it’s very difficult to fit my thin calf with a decent-looking boot & these boots hit all the marks. And the adjustable shaft diameter makes these perfect for nearly anyone. They are also extremely comfortable and I wore them for the first day for 10 hours without any issues.

3. Steve Madden Tava Over the Knee Boot

Picking up any pair of boots from Steve Madden is a no-brainer. But we’re particularly fond of this microsuede pair. They have a stretchy fabric that makes them ideal for skinny legs. Many Nordstrom reviewers comment that they are the best narrow calf-friendly boots.

What women love about these boots: Finally!!! Let’s be real. I have skinny legs and could never find high boots that aren’t baggy. Until these. I was so excited I almost cried. These are great and I love them.

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4. Kelly & Karie BEIM BOOT

With an impressive 4.5 star rating on DSW, this classic knee-high boot gets high praise on the site for being well-sized, stylish, and comfortable. The price tag is shocking. At $59.99, this bootie is a total steal — it looks so much more expensive. So if you’ve been searching high and low for inexpensive boots– it’s time to rejoice because this pick is calling your name!

Made from faux suede with a fabric lining, the boot has a 13-inch calf circumference for the perfect slim fit.

What women love about these boots:My daughter has been looking for a boot that she can wear with confidence. She has thin calves and every other boot she’s tried on was too big in the calf. This pair fits much better. She’s happy now.

5. Unisa Maury Over The Knee Boot

If you’re looking for knee boots for women with skinny legs at a price below $100, then click “Add to Cart” on this pick from Unisa. These boots have a 13-inch calf circumference which means that you don’t have to worry about having saggy boots. And when it comes to style, this pick is so versatile. They can tie together any cute fall ensemble.

What women love about these boots:So happy with this purchase. These have the perfect small heel to look cute but still be comfortable. I would say my legs are slim to average and they are perfectly snug, like leggings (and easy to slip on).

6. Sam Edelman Women’s Clarem Knee High Boot

A boot that is skinny leg-friendly and stylish? Right this way: This fall, treat your slender legs to these knee-high boots from Sam Edelman. Just picture yourself wearing these classic booties at a pumpkin patch or while sipping on a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks.

What women love about these boots: “These boots are amazing! They fit great and are super comfortable. My calves are smaller so I’m not sure they would fit if you had larger calves. They are well made and the sweet smell of leather is apparent as soon as you open the box. You can dress these boots up with a cute dress or go more casual with a nice pair of jeans. They are super versatile. These are my new favorite boots!

Shopping for boots for women with skinny legs can be a real drag. Luckily, for you, these six stylish booties will help you flaunt your slim legs. Another reason you’ll love them? They will work with pretty much any outfit for fall.

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Boots for women with skinny legs
Boots for women with skinny legs


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