12 Classic Clothing Companies That Use Women Models Over 50

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As I’m sure a lot of you already know, shopping for clothing as a woman over 50 can be challenging! Not only do you have to find the right clothes for your unique lifestyle, but many of you have told me how the lack of representation of older models makes it hard to visualize how the clothes will look on you. It’s 2022 and the fashion world has come a long way in both age and body representation, but clothing companies that use women models over 50 are still hard to find, despite the fact that women between 45 to 54 are the highest spenders on women’s and girl’s clothing (source).

However, that’s not to say that it’s impossible to find fashion brands with age-inclusive marketing for mature women! I’ve done some digging and found clothing companies that are creating more representation for their older shoppers. These labels don’t exclusively have mature models, but it’s hopefully enough of a start to make your shopping experience better. To ease your shopping woes, keep reading for the clothing companies that use women models over 50.

1. AYR

ayr over 50 model
AYR// Striped Shirt With Long Sleeves, $125

With a focus on well-tailored classic pieces, AYR (which stands for All Year Round) centers its collections on basic and chic wardrobe staples that “will get you through every season of your life”.

AYR’s site lists styles that are priced between 40-$400. The brand is geared toward women (and men) who have a passion for minimalist and timeless clothes. Though the majority of the models are younger, they have highlighted women ranging from 50-80.

AYR’s Bestsellers: This classic oxford shirt ($135) and these timeless straight-leg jeans ($245)

2. Mango

On a list of classic clothing companies, the choice to include Mango is an obvious one! With a wide range of modern and Euro-inspired classic jackets, suits, dresses, footwear, and t-shirts, there is only one word to describe the clothing from the brand: classy.

Think of Mango as an elevated H&M. The majority of their items are priced between $30-500 (with luxe coats making up the higher price point) with sizes offered in 0 to 4XL.

Mango’s Bestsellers: This cotton classic trench coat ($129.99) and this gorgeous wool camel coat ($349.99)

3. Eileen Fisher

This ethically produced fashion label was founded by Eileen Fisher in 1984 after she had trouble finding clothes that were timeless and simple. Her vision for the brand is to create a system of shapes that work well together to make getting dressed up easier.

There is something for any woman who has a keen interest in minimalistic clothing! With timeless designs rendered in a neutral color palette, this brand may be your new go-to place for wardrobe staples.

Though one downside of this brand is the high cost. Some pieces are affordable while others may be out of reach. You can find organic tank tops for $39, luxurious dresses between $200 to $300, and cashmere sweaters for $498.00.

Eileen Fisher’s Bestsellers: This silk crepe collar shirt ($278) and this wool jersey straight pant ($228)

4. Everlane

High-quality and sustainable clothing has always been a top priority for Everlane. Each garment is made to be flattering and of good quality with styles that cater to women who are interested in timeless fashion.

Even though they are popular for their jeans and leather shoes, the brand also has accessories, tops, and more that are very affordable as far as ethically-made clothes go. This is a relief if you want to spend on sustainable pieces without spending a lot!

Everlane’s Bestsellers: The comfy yet polished dream pant ($88) or the cool way-high jean ($98)

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5. Ann Taylor

Budget-friendly and elegant clothing pieces will be easy to find thanks to Ann Taylor’s dedication to bridging the gap between affordability and sophistication.

Made for women with a love for fun and classy formal clothing, this commerce site features styles that are perfect for the workplace and special occasions.

Ann Taylor’s Bestsellers: This layering stretch cami ($29.50) and this simple crewneck sweater ($79.50)

6. Talbots

This is a great brand for all your fashion over 50 needs. The fact that you can scroll through the site and actually see clothes modeled by models over 50 is just the convenience I know you need.

Talbots’ styles are colorful, yet playful and sophisticated. Most of their styles cost between $59.00 to $300, so no matter what your budget is, you can find what you need.

Talbots’s Bestsellers: This classic cashmere sweater ($179) and these jeggings ($109)

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7. Lands’ End

women over 50 models

If you’ve got a trip to a winter ski resort soon or just love outdoorsy wear in general, then you’ll love Lands’ End. The brand showcases different ages and body types donning not just leisure clothing, but timeless pieces as well.

Though it’s not the most “trendy” brand, they are a classic brand you can count on for quality and reasonable prices. The styles are priced between $30.00-$200+, so you can find something that won’t break the bank.

Lands’ End bestsellers: This long sleeve crewneck t-shirt ($34.95) and this down puffer vest ($69.95)

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8. L.L.Bean

Similar to Lands’ End, L.L.Bean has a wide range of cozy and classic pieces that are ideal for fall and winter. And the best part about these styles? They are reasonably affordable!

Expect to see prices between $19.00 to $60.00, with a wide range of classic pieces under $100. The brand also has models over 50 donning the styles, so visualizing how the clothes will look on you will be easier.

L.L.Bean’s Bestsellers: The iconic wicked good moccasins ($89) and the quilted zip pullover ($79)

9. Macy’s

You may have to do a little digging, but this large fashion retailer carries many brands that use over 50 models. If you want more mature fashion options, Macy’s is a great option for that.

Similar to Nordstrom, there is a large range of prices with styles like coats, dresses, jeans, sweaters, and tops. There’s something for every budget!

Macy’s Bestsellers: The classic Levi’s straight-leg jeans ($69.50) and this 100% cashmere turtleneck sweater ($119)

10. J.Crew

J.Crew is the perfect destination for women who are looking to shop at a brand with effortlessly elegant and timeless styles.

You can find everything from sweaters, jackets, dresses, jumpsuits, work clothes, and more. You can also shop the site’s different curated collections from their holiday shop to sun shop if you’re looking for specific pieces. Starting prices are $45 and go all the way to $400+.

J.Crew Bestsellers: This quilted shirt jacket ($168) and this classic Italian leather belt ($65)

11. Zara

Zara maxi skirt
Zara//Mock Neck Top ($35.90) and Swing Skirt ($45.90)

Older models from a trendy fashion brand? Here’s proof it’s possible! Next on the list is a Spanish-based retailer, Zara. This ready-to-wear brand is the best source for designer-inspired pieces at accessible prices that range from $49.00 to $200.

The brand is geared toward women who love trendy, high-end inspired clothes and designer fragrance dupes. (Zara Apple Juice EDP is the dupe for Chanel Chance Eau Tendre and many more.)

Zara’s Bestsellers: This rhinestone strap slip dress ($59.90) and this double-breasted wool coat ($229)

12. Croft & Barrow-Kohls

Croft & Barrow, sold at Kohls, is an affordable clothing line with good reviews. What’s not to love? Better yet, they feature lots of older models for that age representation you desire!

From party pieces to wardrobe staples, here you’ll find approachable clothes for the everyday woman. With the majority of items under $50, it’s more than possible to put together a whole outfit without breaking the bank.

Croft & Barrow’s Bestsellers: This extra soft v-neck sweater ($18.74) and this essential long-sleeve shirt ($11.24)

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With time, hopefully, there are more clothing companies that use women over 50 models in the fashion industry. But luckily, brands like L.L.Bean and J.Crew are creating an inclusive space on their site for older shoppers.

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