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9 Habits of Women Who Are Always Attractive

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This post may contain affiliate links.

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I think this is a question all of us ladies ask ourselves from time to time; am I attractive? What can I do to make myself more attractive? Some wear a little makeup. Others dye their hair. Some might even have surgeries to fix areas they are insecure about. There is NOTHING wrong with any of those things (I’m right there with you!), but I’m here to tell you that being attractive is more than just your physical appearance. Who you are on the inside plays a HUGE part in how people perceive you and your true beauty. Here are 9 practical habits of attractive women you can start doing that will instantly make you more attractive!

1. Be Authentic

Want to know the best way to be an attractive woman? Be YOU! You are the only you there is. You are unique, one of a kind. That is so valuable…and beautiful! It can be scary to open yourself up and be vulnerable, and sometimes maybe it doesn’t pay off. But when it does, the reward is so much greater than the fear! Plus, it’s going to be very hard to have good relationships if you don’t show people who you really are.

An authentic person has learned to live in the moment. This doesn’t mean to throw caution to the wind and stop thinking about the future, but it does mean to embrace the moment at hand. Put down your cellphone for a moment. Remove the clutter from your life. Just breathe!

2. Make Yourself A Priority

Life can be busy, and it can be easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind. So easy, that a lot of women forget to take care of themselves. This can look different for everyone, but I encourage you to find your own way to invest in yourself. Whether you go for a run, read a book, grab a coffee, or get your nails done. Taking time to show yourself a little love isn’t selfish! These small things can go a long way in your general well-being and ultimately, will make you a better person to be around.

3. Be Ambitious

When it comes to beautiful traits, you may be thinking about good posture, but have you thought about your ambition? I don’t think there are many things that are more attractive than someone being passionate about what they do. Drive and ambition are fantastic qualities that say a lot about a person’s character. But don’t think that being ambitious only applies to the workplace!

Having a general hunger for life is an attractive trait in a person. Go ahead. Try new foods. Learn new skills. Finally learn to play the guitar. Take the singing lessons you’ve always wanted to. Enroll to go back and get your degree. Book that ticket. Climb that mountain! Literally and figuratively.

4. Take Responsibility

This one isn’t as fun as some of the others, but it’s important. Owning your mistakes and learning from them is an admirable quality, and definitely attractive. It’s a very bad habit to constantly escape the blame when you know it’s your fault. You may think that people will like you less if they figure out what you’ve done, but it’s quite the opposite. People will respect you more!

5. SMILE! It looks good on you! 😉

It sounds so simple, but seriously. SMILE! At the end of the day, someone isn’t going to remember if you weren’t wearing makeup, if you had dark circles under your eyes, or if your hair was a mess. They are going to remember the smile on your face and the joy that was spread.

Along with smiling, want to know what else is an attractive habit? A sense of humor! Ever wonder how the people with the most friends or the people that are well-liked are usually jokesters? Because nobody wants to spend an entire day around a sour puss! Sure, we all have bad days here and there, but the people that seem to be upset on a daily basis (for no good reason) are usually the people that don’t have many friends.

habits of attractive women
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6. Exercise

Consistent exercise is usually mentioned when talking about outward beauty, as it can help lose weight, tone muscles, etc., but it can also make you more beautiful on the inside too. I don’t know about you, but I feel SO much better when I move my body.

Whether it’s a simple walk around the block, a long run, or a more intense hike in a nature preserve, getting up and moving gives me so much energy and genuinely makes me a happier person. Simple habits like physical exercise will make a drastic difference in how you feel and how you come across as a person.

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7. Generosity

Giving is a selfless act, which is such an attractive quality. This could be big or small and doesn’t need to be monetary either. Why not take the time out of your day to help a friend? Even simple things, like offering a word of encouragement to someone is a great way to be generous and improve someone’s mood!

8. Invest in Your Intelligence

This kind of ties in with “be ambitious”, but trying to better yourself and learn new things says a lot about your character. Personal growth is something that others are drawn to. Women that invest in their personal growth are usually cultured, well-rounded, and intellectual. This leads to higher self-esteem and a higher self-image.

A woman that exudes confidence is someone that people want to be around! Investing in your intelligence doesn’t have to be tough or complicated either. Next time you have a lunch break, instead of reaching for social media, reach for a new book instead!

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9. Be a Good Listener

I don’t know about you, but growing up my parents always told me to “treat others how you want to be treated”. I always hated when they said it, but as I’ve gotten older I realized why it’s so important.

Imagine you’re trying to tell your friend about your new job promotion. You’re so excited and proud of yourself (rightfully so!), and while you’re speaking, they are on their phone and their body language makes it very clear that they are distracted by something else. That hurts, right? Being there to listen and engage in conversation will make you more trustworthy, and in return, more attractive.

And when you listen, really listen. Because there’s a difference. There is passive and active listening. In passive listening, you may be looking at them and it may appear you are giving them your full attention, but the words are going in one ear and out the other. During active listening, you are retaining what they’re saying. You understand what the person is telling you and not only do you remember, but you have follow-up questions too! If you are a true active listener you will be a very attractive person, as active listening is a skill that many people don’t have. Don’t be surprised if everyone wants to be your friend!

Whether you want to learn the habits of attractive women for a romantic relationship or just for your own personal goals, being attractive is so much more than a pretty face. The qualities you possess, the way you treat yourself and others, all speak to who you are. I’m sure most of these habits of attractive people are things you already do, so be intentional and let your true beauty shine! 

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