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Is the Loewe Straw Bag Worth It? My Honest Answer Plus the Best Dupes to this Iconic Bag

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Do you feel it too? I’m talking about the joy you get when you check out the 10-day weather forecast and see warm temps and sunshine on the horizon. We did it; We survived winter! Give yourself a pat on the back. (And treat yourself to an iced coffee too while you’re at it.) Now that the season of doom and gloom is behind us, we’ve got a way better season to enjoy: straw bag season. If you look at any classic fashion influencers, you’ve probably seen the coveted Loewe straw bag gracing your social media feeds every spring and summer. If you’re thinking that it seems like a lot to spend on some straw, well, you’re not wrong. But is it worth it? Well, keep reading.

Why Is the Loewe Straw Bag So Popular?

This is a question I’ve asked myself many times because I myself had this bag on my wishlist for a few years before finally purchasing one. Why did I want it so badly? Why do we want to spend more money than we need to on something? Simply put, the Loewe (pronounced low EH veh) straw bag has reached fashion-must-have status.

You know the drill – one influential person starts carrying an item. They influence someone else and next thing you know, the whole It crowd has one. Once you start seeing something so much, especially on people you admire, you start to want it too.

All that, coupled with the price that makes it out of reach for the large majority, turns it into an icon status. And since the Loewe straw bag is at the lower end of the luxury brand’s price point, it makes you feel like owning something designer is somewhat attainable.

Add all of this together and next thing you know, you really want something not just because you saw it so much and that’s what people have in your same style aesthetic, but because you think it will make you feel a part of the crowd you want to be in.

Okay, I know you didn’t ask for a psychology lesson on handbags. So class is dismissed. Let’s move on.

So How Much Is a Loewe Straw Bag?

Each season new styles come out, so prices vary depending on the style you get. The iconic small bag will set you back $550 and prices only go up from there.

But unlike other designers, you don’t have to visit a boutique to purchase one. They’re available at Nordstrom, Net-a-Porter, and Neiman Marcus. And if you want to get a used one, you can find some at Fashionphile too.

Is the Loewe Straw Bag Worth It?

I have both – the Loewe straw bag and this dupe. And I’ve got to say that personally, I do not find it worth it. Yes, it’s handwoven, has leather detailing, and is from a luxury brand, but other than that, there’s really nothing that special about it. It’s straw!

I do think that being handwoven with calfskin leather trim and an adjustable handle should count for something. However, I think that this is worth more around $200 than $550+. That being said, I don’t regret purchasing mine. I just don’t want to try to convince people that they need it – because they don’t.

So Straw Bags Aren’t Worth It?

Hold up! I didn’t say that!

So I may not think a Loewe straw bag is worth it, but I’m not saying that straw bags entirely aren’t worth it. (Is that a confusing double-negative sentence?)

Let me break it down: You don’t need to splurge on a designer straw bag, but you should definitely add a straw bag to your spring and summer wardrobe.

A straw bag is perfect for vacation, the beach, strolling through the city, shopping – you name it. It adds the perfect amount of style and texture to your spring, summer, and even fall outfit.

Because this accessory is so timeless and versatile, it is worth investing in. However, you don’t need to spend $500 or more. Personally, I’d spend up to or around $200 for this investment.

But good news, you can spend less than $100 on a great bag! Check them out below.

loewe straw bag dupes


What’s The Best Loewe Straw Bag Dupe?

I’ve owned many a straw bag, and the closest and best one I found so far to the iconic bag is this one from Etsy. The quality is similar (if not the same) to the Loewe straw bag.

I like it even better in some ways because it has an attached liner and a zipper. (Yes, the Loewe straw bag doesn’t even come with a lining or zipper which is crazy.)

Of course, you don’t get the logo or the adjustable strap, so it’s not exactly like the Loewe bag – which is actually a good thing. However, there is a new style out with an adjustable strap, but I haven’t tried it.

All in all, I ordered two bags from this Etsy shop and was pleased with both. But there are other great options too – just reference the list!

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If nothing will stop you from thinking you need the Loewe straw bag (hello, I get it), then you can find it on Nordstrom.

Okay, you’ve got your straw bag ordered. You know one great place you can wear your straw bag? Brunch. Next up – 10 Spring Brunch Outfit Ideas That Are Seriously Cute


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