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  1. This is beautiful!! We’re about to Limewash our house and are trying to figure out what to do with our trim. What color is your trim? It looks gorgeous against the Limewash!

    • Thank you! And that’s so exciting that you’re going to do that! The trim color is Dutch Boy Willowed Tree 324-2DB High Gloss mixed with black. You can get more details and see the final update in the reveal post!

    • I am SO SO SO happy I came across this post!! I’ve been looking for a cost effective way to paint our house and This is it!! I do have a few questions: Did you guys take down your downspouts before lime washing? Did you guys paint the trim before or after limewashing? Can you send a photo of the exact brand of hydrated lime you used? Thanks so so much!

      • Yay so glad you found this, Cadi! It’s an amazing way to get a beautiful home in a cost-effective way. We did not take down our downspouts and decided to paint over them with the same limewash because they looked dingy compared to the white brick. You’ll have to do a couple of coats but it turned out pretty nicely! Also, I painted trim after the limewashing but I don’t think the order matters as much as long as you tape and/or paint carefully. This link has a photo of the exact one I used though I didn’t get it from Ace. I also don’t think you need to get a “Type S”. That’s all I remember Menards having, but I read later that “Type S Hydrated lime provides a number of benefits in masonry mortar and stucco formulations.” But I know people have had success with many different kinds. It’s been looking and holding up great so far!

    • Thank you! We tested washing the brick in the back of the house first but didn’t notice a difference so no, we didn’t power wash the house but we did remove cobwebs, visible dirt, etc. I’m pretty sure it’s recommended that you do power wash though so that definitely can’t hurt!

  2. I found this page about whitewashing and fell in love! Wow your house is beautiful! I’ve been doing research for months because I’ve HATED the orange brick since we bought our house! I live in Iowa as well and am so worried about the hydrated lime coming off the house. Is it staying up well with all the rain we get?! I’m wondering how bad our winters get and if it will effect it? I’m trying to convince my husband to let us do this, he is hesitant! 🙁

    • Just answered these questions in your Instagram message!
      But for anyone else that is curious, it’s only been done for a couple of months so I can’t speak to a midwest winter, but it’s been doing great during thunderstorms. The rain makes the brick appear lighter, but then it dries back to its normal color and doesn’t wash off!

    • Hi Angela, We have orange brick too and I think I’m finally going to take the step to limewash the brick front…did you happen to do this to your exterior? If so, how did it turn out?!

      Thank you for this post too Carolyn- super helpful!!

  3. Your home really shows a pride in ownership. Congratulations, you have every reason to be proud of the hard work. A couple questions… You said over time this will fade. What does that mean? Will it just fade slightly or revert back to the old brick status or will it fade irregularly, and will you have to do this all over again? Oh and one more thing. If you decide to paint your house down the road, will it adhere to the lime finish?

    • Hi, Jackie! I couldn’t find any blog posts of what a limewashed house is like 5+ years on someone else’s home, but my best guess is that the original brick will start to show through, then with enough time, it will be so faded you’d probably want to redo it (if you don’t like that style). At least that is what I imagine would happen on our home. I think that you’d be okay to paint if you power wash and deep clean the remaining limewash first! Hope that helps any.

  4. Help !!! I love this; congrats !! HOWEVER, this 63 year old needs help !! I was wondering the same as others— how much fading will occur bc in Louisiana we get green mildew on our house and we have to pressure wash 2x a year … I would paint it myself, but I’d like to know if I’d be washing it off with all the house washing ???

    Also, since I have a white metal roof, how can I change the color of the line wash since it’s not like paint ??

    Hope someone can help me ??

    • Happy to share what I can, Margaret! We’ve cleaned some of our house with a hose and it hasn’t ruined the limewashing, but I don’t feel confident that it would stand up to getting pressure washed 2x a year. Perhaps painting (or something else) is best for you! And though I didn’t do it personally, I’ve read of people adding colored powders to change the color of the limewash.

  5. Carolyn,
    Our house was built in 1976 with that same color brick and the previous owners put in the white vinyl windows too!!!! I have hated the brick and white vinyl combo (who does that?) for the four years we have lived here and have toyed with the idea of painting the brick to the point of driving around and taking “secret” photos of houses in our town that have painted their brick, plus creating my extensive Pinterest board. I did the same research as you about “proper” shutters and I too am unsure what to do…they add such great contrast. Your house also has very little wood/siding like mine, so without siding, the contrast has to come from somewhere. Thank you for giving me the real life vision of what my brick can look like….honestly, I haven’t seen any before and after pictures that so closely resemble my house situation. Saving this to my Pinterest board!!!!

    • I’m so glad this is helpful! I too know how helpful it is to see a close “real life” example. Good luck with whatever makeover you decide to do! 🙂

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