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7 Recommended Spray Moisturizers for Beautiful Hair

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A spray moisturizer for hair is one of the most effective ways to turn your hair that’s seen better days into locks that are healthy, vibrant, and shiny. Designed to lubricate and soften your dry hair, a spray moisturizer will transform your tresses from looking unhealthy into the kind of hair seen on the shampoo ads! Ready to do your infamous hair flip? But first, you need the right hair moisturizer. Just browse through this list of the best ones in the market.

But before that, it would be helpful to know what type of hair challenges you have.

Different types of potentially problematic hair

  • Fine hair – This is the type of hair that is challenging to style due to lack of body or volume. Each strand is light and fragile, making it prone to breakage. This type of hair also tends to get greasy easily.
  • Thick coarse hair – This type of hair can be challenging at times, as it requires frequent deep moisturizing treatments to stay healthy. Antioxidants and shea butter are your friends.
  • Mature hair – Hair that is aging can tend to be wiry and dry, so it should only be washed a few times a week with moisturizing products.
  • Damaged hair – This is characterized by cracks in your hair cuticle (the outside layer). You also notice that it looks dull, dry, and wispy, and can be incredibly hard to manage despite repeated shampooing and brushing. Hair can be damaged through lots of chemical treatments or bad hair practices.

7 Recommended Spray Moisturizers for Hair

1. Maui Moisture Thicken & Restore + Hair-Thickening Spray Treatment to Revive Weak, Brittle Curly Hair

maui moisture

Easy on the wallet, this hair moisturizing spray from Maui (which you can get in most drugstores) should be your best pick if you want your hair to smell fantastic while thickening it and restoring it at the same time. Great for coarse, curly, wavy, brittle, or damaged hair.

Full of natural and healing ingredients, this spray can restore over-styled hair. It’s also vegan, sulfate-free, and contains zero parabens, silicones, and synthetic dyes!

What women are saying: “This spray is amazing! My hair is stronger, much thicker, and I don’t have to weigh it down with a bunch of conditioner or product. I use the shampoo/wash in the same line. They have been so great and the bamboo truly nourishes your scalp. I have naturally curly/wavy hair for the last 8 years. Was straight my whole life till I had several surgeries back to back. Curly hair breaks easy and mine has fallen out excessively due to MS& autoimmune meds. My hubby braids my hair for me every night and he has commented on how nice my hair is and how much thicker it is and feels. My bangs/fringe have grown so long they are in my braid. Then more bangs came in and then more again. I absolutely know this works♡”

2. SheaMoisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Leave-in Conditioner Treatment for All Hair Types

spray moisturizer

Although technically a leave-in conditioner, this spray softens hair and improves styling manageability. With a smell that reminds you of a tropical breeze, this product is great for detangling, protecting, and controlling frizz. Though curly girls may benefit the most from this daily conditioner, all hair types can use this!

The best part is that SheaMoisture products are cruelty-free and have no silicones, no sulfates, no parabens, no phthalates, no mineral oil or petrolatum!

What women are saying: “Im a fine, straight haired girl who much like my CG sisters has stepped away from products with silicone in it due to how greasy and flat it makes my hair. The answer to that was Shea Moisture 100% Coconut Oil leave in. No silicones, full of great ingredients that condition and feed the hair without weighing it down. Thank you Shea Moisture for making such wonderful products!”

3. Davines OI All in One Milk

spray moisturizer for hair

Oh, the beauty of this sleek, ebony bottle! This is one of the pricier hair moisturizing sprays, but according to reviews, it’s worth every penny. This spray moisturizer for hair is a multi-function leave-in hair milk spray that softens, detangles, controls frizz, and protects the hair from heat.

It’s also formulated to tame your stubborn frizz, detangle your knotted hair, and supremely hydrate it for a soft, glossy, radiant result. Great for curly, wavy, or color-treated hair.

What women are saying: “Cant live without this hair product – doesnt weigh your hair down, makes hair super soft and can let your hair air dry or blow dry out; either way it has the same great smoothing effect without any oilyness or weight. SMELLS AMAZING! People always comment on the smell of my hair even after it is dry. You won’t regret the purchase”

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4. Sachajuan Leave In Conditioner

spray moisturizer for hair

Ideal for super fine, graying, and thin hair, this leave-in conditioner is one awesome spray moisturizer! Apart from hydrating your locks, its oil-free conditioner boosts your hair’s volume and radiance, creating much fuller, gorgeous hair. And it feels lightweight, too!

This mighty spray from Sachajuan utilizes Ocean Silk Technology, which means its formula contains mineral extracts and marine algae that causes healthy-looking hair.

What women are saying: “I have bone-straight fine hair, but I’m going gray. The gray hairs have come in with a coarse and wiry texture… and I’m now having to deal with frizzy and unruly hair…

I thought the price was high, but what the heck, I’m tired of bad hair days. Well, happy hair days are here again and bad hair days are hopefully O-V-E-R! Today is day four after a wash, and my hair still looks great.

Day one my hair was silky smooth and shiny and smelled great. Day two, my hair was very manageable, smooth and shiny, still smelled good. Day three, the same, but the nice fragrance was gone. Now I’m on day four, still looking good, minimal styling needed, and still shiny and smooth.”

5. Cantu Shea Butter Comeback Curl Next Day Curl Revitalizer

spray moisturizer for hair

Shea butter is fat that is extracted from the nut of the shea tree, which grows in Africa. This edible stuff (though the spray cannot be eaten) is packed with vitamins A and E, plus essential fatty acids, making shea butter a popular ingredient in beauty cosmetics. In short, it’s a natural and amazing moisturizer! 

This hair-moisturizing spray contains 100-percent pure shea butter, water, and glycerin. Not only does it deeply hydrate your hair, this must-have— and very affordable product— also enhances the definition of your curls, which can last for several days. Best for curls, coils, and waves.

What women are saying: “This is amazing!! I have natural curly hair. I can sleep on my hair and the next day spray this in and my hair is fresh, frizz free and full of beautiful curls. A woman at work complimented me about my hair. Little did she know how little I did to it!”

6. Revlon Professional UniqOne Hair Treatment- Lotus Flower

spray moisturizer for hair

Multiple benefits in just one spritz! Ideal for all types of hair, this amazing leave-in conditioner can be sprayed either on damp or dry hair. It protects your locks from heat, fixes those split ends, and delivers instant shine.

What’s also nifty about this spray is how it locks your hairstyle after spritzing. And if your hair has been recently colored or treated, it doesn’t matter. It will protect it nonetheless with its UVA and UVB filters. Lightweight and versatile, this spray conditioner also adds body to a listless hair, while keeping it soft and silky all day long.

What women are saying: “This product is the BOMB. I order it any chance I can. Can’t find it in stores… don’t know why but oh well. It works on all types of hair. If your hair is fine, thin & straight spray just a little bit. Really great on thick, curly, dry, damaged, over processed, bleached ,colored, over styled with heat tools. I love love love it and so do alot of my friends. My favorite scent is Lotus, but all smell good. Coconut and original. Leave in conditioner spray”

7. Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Strength + Moisture Leave-In Spray Hair Mask

spray moisturizer for hair

This impressive moisturizing spray is part of the lineup of clean cosmetics— which means it is free of all the toxic ingredients you wouldn’t want on your product, like parabens, silicones, and sulfates. Spritz generously and guilt-free and you will benefit from its deep-conditioning technology that works to repair serious damage.

Rich in emollients and superior moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter, argan oil, algae extract, panthenol, and coconut oil, expect your dry, dehydrated hair to transform into silky softness, tangle-free, radiant tresses. It works like a mechanic— it repairs and repairs your hair to perfection.

What women are saying: “When I first started using this I didn’t really notice anything or think it was really doing anything for my hair. The last few months I started using it again when I noticed my hair was feeling so dry and what a world of a difference. This product saved my hair from the harsh water and shampoo I was using. When I didn’t use it my hair was like straw, and when I did it was so silky. I realized it had to be this product.”

Packed with emollients and hydrating powers, a spray moisturizer for hair will be your best friend once you realize how it works its magic. Hydrated hair is crucial if you want to prevent breakage and despair. Having great hair will significantly improve your mood, confidence, and self-care. You definitely need to include a spray moisturizer for hair in your hair-care regimen!

Now that you’ve got what you need for beautiful hair, let’s see what you need for beautiful skin. Keep reading!
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