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The Best Camel Coats for Your Skin Tone

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No one can deny that a camel coat is classic, elegant, and timeless. It’s one of those colors that can instantly elevate an outfit and this clothing item frequently makes the list of the top 10 essentials every woman should have. But what do you do if a camel coat just doesn’t suit you? I’ve had many women tell me camel washes them out and it’s true that not everyone shines in this color. But don’t worry, not all is lost! You can still get the effect of wearing this classic piece, with a few adjustments. Here are the best camel coats for your skin tone!

Psst- technically I am a “winter” and should not be wearing camel. But I’ll tell you why I still do at the end of this post!

Knowing what colors look good on you ties into your season: spring, summer, autumn, or winter. The best way to know what season you are is to “get your colors done” by a color professional.

Though there are plenty of tips and tricks you can use to narrow it down at home, businesses like the House of Colour place drapes around your neck to see how colors interact with your skin tone (this is where I went!). Though if you already know that camel doesn’t look good on you, then you probably fall under a winter or summer.

Camel is a really warm color, with yellow undertones, and does not mix well if you have cool undertones such as pink or blue. Let’s do a quick recap of the seasons.

Though these coat selections were color-matched, ordering a specific color online can be tricky as lighting can affect a product photo dramatically. If you are looking for an exact color to fit your season, your best option would be to take a color swatch with you as you shop in person or have one at home when your product arrives to compare if online shopping.


You are a warm season and a shade of the color camel with orange or yellow undertones will look great on you. Additionally, gold jewelry suits you best so feel free to accessorize your look with gold hoops and a gold pendant necklace!

the best camel coat for your skin tone



You are a cool season, so finding a version of the color camel with blue undertones would be best for you. Most likely, your best version of a camel coat is going to be a pinky color with a cool undertone. Accessorize with silver jewelry!

the best camel coat for your skin tone



You are a warm season and a camel coat was made for you! A camel coat in a warm-based color such as caramel would look best for you. Think brown, vibrant, and rich. Accessorize with gold, bronze, or copper jewelry!

the best camel coat for your skin tone



You are a cool season and colors with a clear contrast look great on you. You can easily wear neutrals like black and pure white, though this means your best version of a camel coat is not really going to be camel at all. Look for stone, taupe, or grey beige. Ideally, your coat has cool grey undertones. Accessorize with silver jewelry!

the best camel coat for your skin tone


To Recap:

Each color has a different saturation level and some browns are cool, based on the predominantly blue color it is mixed with. If you have a cool skin tone and warm colors do not look good on you, then look for the color camel in a “cool” shade. This may be more of a taupe, mushroom, or ivory, depending on your specific season, but those are still classy colors and have the same effect as a classic camel coat!

And you know what? If you love camel, wear it! I’ve had my colors professionally done and the verdict is that I’m a winter, but I love my classic camel coats and won’t stop wearing them anytime soon because I like the way I feel in them. In fact, I may just be buried in them…

The point is, it’s your wardrobe and I think you should wear what makes you happy. And if making you happy means dressing exactly for your season, then that’s awesome too!

For more tips on the classy things to have in your wardrobe this winter, keep reading!

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Best Camel Coat for Skin
best camel coats for your skin tone
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