4 Easy and Chic Christmas Decorating Ideas

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I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! My heart is happy…even if my pants are not 😉

I hope this Monday finds you with more time at home or at least an easy day going back to work after the holiday.

If you fall into the category of “no getting into the Christmas spirit until after Thanksgiving” then you’ve probably just started to decorate or you’re getting around to it very soon. In need of some Christmas decorating ideas?

I’ve had my eye out on Christmas decor for a while now. Whenever I’m at Hobby Lobby my feet just seem to want to take a stroll through aisle after aisle of happiness.

It seems that there are mainly three types of decorations these days: the Santa theme that talks about naughty/nice and the north pole, the vintage Christmas look, and the chic look. I actually had to laugh at a recent trip to Michaels, because I saw some aisles that fit what I was saying perfectly!

christmas decor
aisle face-off

christmas decor christmas decor christmas decor christmas decor

With all these different styles, I definitely fall in the “chic” category and I’m gonna show you 4 easy ways to achieve a chic Christmas look in your home this season!

Easy & Chic Christmas Decorating Ideas

1. Choose a Color Scheme
Yes, red & green is the ultimate color scheme for Christmas, but if you’re going for a style that’s chic and timeless, your color scheme does matter. Some chic ideas are: black, white, & gold, white & gold, red & gold…are you catching a pattern here? Throw some gold in and instant chicness!

chic christmas decorations

2. Textures
Not only does having a ton of fur around the house look fancy, but it feels and looks so cozy as well! Adding in tons of fur blankets and rugs are going to up your decor and make you just want to curl up with a hot chocolate.

chic christmas decorations chic christmas decorations

Burlap has a rustic, natural look to it that is great for breaking up all the fanciness of the gold. Other ideas for textures: pinecones, sticks, wood, etc.

chic christmas decorations

3. Greenery
And of course, we’ll throw in some touches of greenery too! Not only is the color “Christmas-y”, but the greenery is a great way to balance out the decor and add a natural, earthy element.

chic christmas decorations

4. Candles
It’s all about the ambiance, and as funny as it may sound I recommend having some white candles just for show and having a separate stack for ones you light (I can almost see all the practical husbands out there rolling their eyes). And speaking of ambiance, using white lights in your house and not just outside of it is a fast and easy way to up that coziness factor.

chic christmas decorations

Have fun decorating! With chic Christmas decor we’re going for simple, timeless, and natural, but very much in the season too.

christmas decorating


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