About Carolyn Arentson

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I’m a full-time fashion fanatic who’s currently turning my passion into purpose. I aim to bring simple, tailored fashion advice to women worldwide and create informative content with the reader in mind to help them elevate their look.

From endlessly reading magazines to trying to make my own clothes, I’ve always wanted to work in the fashion industry. Even choosing to opt-out of traditional college to pursue my passion.

At first, I tried everything to make a traditional career work, but I never truly resonated with this lifestyle and I wanted more freedom. Feeling trapped in my assistant job and like there was no way out, I took the plunge and started a fashion blog. It was slow at first but I knew that I had something to offer so I kept at it.

Now, My Chic Obsession has grown into a global fashion website with millions of visitors per year. The great feedback I’ve gotten from my readers (that’s you!) over the years has made me determined to keep going and make an even bigger mark in the online world.

When I’m not dreaming up new content, you can find me watching a funny tv show with my husband, loving on my two boys, and planning my next trip to Paris.

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