About Carolyn Arentson

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I’m the creator and main writer for My Chic Obsession. Our readers are my first priority and I aim to bring simple, tailored fashion advice to the classic woman who cares more about style than fashion.

From endlessly reading fashion magazines to attempting to make my own clothes, I’ve always wanted to work in the fashion industry in one way or another.

But at first, I tried to make a “traditional” career work, but I never truly resonated with this lifestyle and I wanted more freedom. I was feeling trapped in my assistant job and the corporate path I was headed on, so I took the plunge and started a fashion website.

I worked at it during late nights, early mornings, and kid’s nap times. It was slow at first, but I knew that I had something to offer women looking for real help and inspiration so I kept at it. Now, what was once a solo fashion blog is now a company with a growing team, and our global fashion website reaches millions of readers per year. As an extra benefit, it’s brought many opportunities for me to hone my style skills even more.

From modeling for international fashion brands to photographing fashion models for one of the top model agencies in the world, and even becoming a trained fashion stylist, I’m combining and sharing all of my knowledge from my 7+ years in the fashion and creative industry to help you build a timeless and fashionable style.

When I’m not dreaming up new content, you can find me watching a funny tv show with my husband, loving on my two rambunctious boys (okay, more like I’m being tackled), or planning my next trip to Paris.

Whether you’re here for fashion advice or home inspiration, I’m just glad you’re here.

You can find snippets of our life under the “Lifestyle” section!

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