About Carolyn Arentson

Carolyn Arentson in Paris

Hi, I’m Carolyn Arentson, the mind behind My Chic Obsession – an online intersection where classic fashion and current lifestyle come together.

From a young age, I’ve always been drawn to the captivating world of fashion. (I even tried to make my own clothes, but glue and staples don’t hold up – imagine that!)

Though being a fashion designer wasn’t for me, out of this style obsession, My Chic Obsession was born – aimed to inspire, inform, and connect like-minded women all around the globe.

My mission for this digital corner is to encourage you to confidently step out each day, feeling stylish, and prepared for whatever life may toss your way. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of a well-designed room and a good classic outfit, the kind that not only complements you, but empowers you too.

Here, I weave my obsession with the chic and classic into practical advice on curating that ideal wardrobe, achieving that effortless Parisian look, and creating outfits that make you feel like you. What once started out as my chic obsession has now become a global destination. Millions of women around the globe have found their chic obsession at this destination, and you can too.

Besides immersing myself in all things chic, I cherish spending quality time with my family and sipping my favorite coffee in a cozy corner of my home.

My Chic Obsession isn’t just a website – it’s a place of creativity, inspiration, and a testament to my philosophy: Every woman deserves to feel confident and chic, every day. I look forward to accompanying you on this style journey, sprinkling a little bit of that timeless charm along the way!

John 14:6