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  1. There is so much more than good coffee that brings you to coffee shops. The layout, the feeling and the people among other factors, you seem to know your places!

  2. Seeing you post about One Mean Bean brings back memories! Nice place to go and visit with someone, or sit by yourself and read.

  3. Coffee is life! I like to experience coffees and pastries from around the U.S. I find that each town/city has its own unique style and flavor, and Dubuque is no different. I’d love to visit these shops!

    • I think Italy and France have my favorite coffee and pastries…but I’m pretty impressed with Iowa! 🙂

  4. I love the cozy vibe of these coffee shops. If I lived close, I would be a regular customer. I wish the shops in our place look this nice!

    • Even though our town is on the small side, I’m thankful we have so many good coffee shops!

  5. So many amazing and fun places. Of course, I’ve not been to any of these but, would love to swing by them if I’m ever in the area.

  6. The Inspire Cafe looks so cozy, Love the ambiance. Perfect spot for some “me” time. I also think the East Mill Bakeshop is worth a visit too! Baked goodies and a perfectly brewed cup of coffee is enough to make my day.

    • Yes, exactly! Coffee and baked goods are a couple of little things that can put a big smile on your face!

  7. I’m so glad you found so many cute coffee shops. I’m not a coffee person at all but my sisters are and they’d be lost without it. They’d appreciate this tons. And I always enjoy the ambience of a cute cafe too ♡

    • *gasp* Not into coffee?! That’s okay 😉 I probably like it way too much! I relate to your sisters!

  8. These are all such a adorable and instagram friendly place that I’ll have to visit next time I’m in Dubuque! I love the one with the playground for the kids best!

  9. Not gonna lie, I’ve never even heard of Dubuque, IA, but now I want to visit! All the coffee shops you’ve highlighted seem so charming!

    • Not many people have 😉 But I’m glad I could bring these coffee shops to your attention!

  10. Oh good to know! I have some family that lives there and need some places to check out/work in/ hang out in while I am there! These are all such cute spots!

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