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How to Find the Best Sunglasses for a Round Face

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Whether you have sensitive eyes or not, sunglasses are an essential accessory for the warmer months of the year. Keeping us comfortable under the sun and adding a special flair to any outfit, sunglasses are the kind of accessory that easily elevate a look with its cool and effortless feel. But how do you know which ones look best on you? While every style can be worn by anybody, following some guidelines and tips based on your personal features can help you to best enhance your natural beauty and find the right pair of sunglasses.

Learning about the different face shapes – and yours in particular – can be a lot like getting a color analysis done. The process doesn’t take away your ability to wear your favorite shades (whether they are technically “your colors” or not) but helps you to put together your best option for naturally complementing your specific features. In this post, I’ll be focusing on the best sunglasses for round-shaped faces, giving you some of the most flattering styles for this silhouette! Let’s get into it. 

Understanding the Round Face Shape

As I’ve mentioned, for those who want to know what looks best on them, understanding your face shape is the first step to the perfect pair of sunglasses.

A round face is characterized by gently curved lines and a balanced proportion of both width and length. As a rule of thumb in this case, adding some definition and angles through your accessory can help you to create a truly balanced look that values your features in a soft and flattering way. 

More specifically, the best sunglasses for a round face are the ones that provide contrast to the soft features of your face for some structure, counterbalancing the curves and gentle lines to create harmony overall. 

When browsing for sunglasses to complement your round face, here are some key elements to look out for as you’re doing your first sweep of available options:

Angular Frames

Embracing sharp angles and geometric shapes tends to be a successful choice for people with rounded faces. Options such as square or rectangular frames create a flattering contrast, accentuating the natural contours of your face in a subtle and gentle manner. 

Upswept Styles

You might want to consider searching for frames with a slight upward tilt. Cat-eye or butterfly shapes, for example, help to lift the eyes, elongating the face for an elevated and elegant look. 

Bold Brow Details 

Sunglasses with prominent brow bars or accents in that area draw attention upwards, adding a vertical element that acts to counterbalance the roundness of your face. Styles like browline sunglasses can be some of the most flattering frames for those with rounded faces.

Another way to understand how face shape can be important to consider when searching for the best sunglasses for us is to compare them to proportions in clothing pieces.

By being intentional about how we pair our clothes and how they fit on our bodies, we can create different looks and different outfits that are more or less flattering when worn. A shorter torso and elongated legs, for example, are both things that we can enhance or detract from through the use of clothing.

Ultimately, the goal of finding the perfect sunglasses is the same regardless of your specific face shape – to create a flattering sense of balance that gently enhances your features, rather than erase or undermine them! 

Knowing the principles behind the perfect sunglasses for your face is definitely helpful, but being able to reference specific styles is an even better way to learn and understand how small details can make a huge difference. Let’s get into some round-face sunglasses models for designs that will flatter your round-face shape. 

Square Frames 

best sunglasses for round face

Timeless and versatile, square frames are a popular choice for round faces. Bringing a bold and modern edge, they enhance your best features with a touch of fashion-forward sophistication.

Fendi Roma 50mm Square Sunglasses 

If sunglasses are an accessory you want to splurge on, this high-end pair of square glasses gives this accessory a luxurious edge with its polished logo accents along the sides. Made in Italy and featuring UV-protective lenses, there’s no doubt that this style will keep you stylish and protected. 

If you’ve been looking to steer away from the classic black model, these sunglasses are also available in five additional shades.

GFUIARA Trendy Square Sunglasses 

Now for a wallet-friendly pick. It’s no secret that sunglasses can come at very high price points, depending on the brand and style you choose to go with. On the other hand, it’s nice to remember that these very popular accessories are also available in very affordable versions – perfect for experimenting with different frames and seeing what sticks. 

Whether you are opting for a style that you want to wear a few times with specific outfits or ones that you might like and want to try out, options like these are great ways to go about it. Super affordable and well-rated, these square unisex sunglasses provide the angles and definition that beautifully complement a round face shape. 

Quay Ever After

Available in a few different patterns and both standard and polarized versions, these sunglasses give you that textbook square shape, while also featuring slightly curved, softer edges at the bottom.

Harsh angles can be great, but for those who still prefer a slightly more balanced style – while still working to complement their natural curves – this model is a great choice. 

SOJOS Vintage Oversized Square Sunglasses

There’s no need to break the bank if you don’t want to! These sunglasses are a dupe for the Fendi Roma Sunglasses and are ideal for giving you that chic, coveted look for a small percentage of the original price. Available in 11 different shades – including bright colors – this model is a great way to try out different varieties that you might not feel confident investing in quite yet! 

Versace 56mm Square Sunglasses

This luxury brand’s signature Medusa medallions adorn this pair of Versace sunglasses, taking this bold design one step further. With tapered temples and a very defined square shape, these sunglasses give us exactly what we need from this style – a clear and flattering option for those with round faces. 

Comfortable to wear and instantly recognizable for its iconic details, this accessory makes for a great complementary piece in a variety of outfits.

Quay Inside Scoop Bling

Looking for a little something extra? This rhinestone-embellished pair of sunglasses is here to save the day. Up your glamorous factor with this jaw-dropping, stylish frame that also features a square shape. 

Made for the spotlight – this accessory is the perfect way to let loose when it comes to styling and have some fun with your looks. For an outfit that is equal parts elegant and fun, pair these sunglasses with a timeless sleek outfit! 

Quay Level Up

As Quay’s most popular square frame, this style brings the drama with its fashion-forward design and chic features. With a metal brow bar for glamour and a flattering round-face fit, these sunglasses also include angled outer edges that work to enhance your cheekbones. If color options are important to you, you’re in luck! This model is currently available in seven options, including polarized and standard versions.

Cat-Eye Frames

best sunglasses for round face

Channeling vintage glamour, cat-eye sunglasses work to lift and elongate the face. When it comes to balancing rounded shapes, this option is great as it adds a playful, feminine touch with the right amount of angular contrast.

Le Specs Velodrome Cat Eye Sunglasses

Not only are these cat-eye glasses stunning and timeless, but they are also ideal for those looking to complement their round face.

Beyond having the signature cat-eye detail on top, these sunglasses also feature square bottom parts rather than a small and rounded finish. This makes for the perfect combination for those looking for an angular, defined accessory that pairs perfectly with their characteristics.

Available in three fun shades and affordable when compared to some of the designer options, these sunglasses might be ones to seriously consider! 

Ray-Ban Lady Burbank 55mm Cat Eye Sunglasses

Ray-Ban has dominated the sunglasses market for a long time, and their quality makes it clear why. These particular cat-eye sunglasses bring with them a special vintage flair, perfect for those who want to infuse a little more of their personal style in their accessory. 

Featuring gleaming logo hardware at the temples, these sunglasses aren’t shy when it comes to making a statement. 

Quay Staycation

For those who are looking to complement their natural features but are unsure about the use of angular lines, this option might be right up your alley.

Rounded at the bottom and featuring a thin, lightweight cat eye on top, these sunglasses offer a balanced and not-too-harsh way of balancing the features of a rounded face. 

SOJOS Retro Vintage Narrow Cat Eye Sunglasses

This more affordable option goes all out with the cat-eye style, featuring a narrow silhouette and a dramatic upswept corner. Available in both neutral and colorful shades, this option can be fun for those looking to try out a pair of quintessential cat-eye sunglasses without hurting your wallet.

SOJOS Cat Eye Sunglasses

This next pair of sunglasses brings their own flair to the collection with a metal bridge detail in front. With thin temple details and a larger frame size, this model blends the characteristics of a lot of the previous designs we’ve seen, while still bringing something different to the table. 

Perfect for pairing with similarly toned accessories, too! 

Rectangular Frames

best sunglasses round face

Working off of the same principles as some of the other appropriate sunglasses for a round face, rectangular frames still bring their own edge to the table. Offering sleek and contemporary elements, this model makes for a structured silhouette that harmonizes beautifully with the softness of a more rounded face.

In their essence, rectangular sunglasses bring about a lot of the features we see in square frames, with one main difference. While square designs tend to lean more towards oversized frames, rectangular designs lean the other way. Both models still offer four angles sides and well-defined edges, but the size difference is mainly what sets these styles apart. 

A retro flair can be easily attributed to a lot of these styles, which makes it a perfect choice for those with a soft spot for vintage styles!

AIRE Ceres 51mm Rectangular Sunglasses

Let’s start with a classic. This pair of rectangular sunglasses can be argued to be as traditional as it gets, featuring a narrow silhouette that has evolved from vintage to modern within the last few years (here’s to cyclical fashion!). 

With very subtle temple details and available in two colors, this accessory is sure to add an undeniable dose of style to your outfits. 

Le Specs Shebang Rectangular Sunglasses

We know angles are the goal, and these sunglasses give us exactly that. This modern design features a classic rectangular overall shape, with various small angles throughout the perimeter of the frame.

A small temple detail gives these sunglasses a nice polished feel.

Runway 49mm Rectangular Sunglasses

For those looking to make a statement and go luxury, these Prada sunglasses are great options when talking about rectangular frames.

A traditional shape defines the silhouette of the glasses, and thick temple details make a statement through the use of extreme angles. Ideal for a bold and fashion-forward look, these sunglasses are an option to consider if you’re looking to impress. 

This model is available in nine different colors, able to perfectly match your personal style. 

Le Specs Dynamite 52mm Rectangular Sunglasses

In a more traditional design, these rectangular sunglasses take us back to the 90s with their classic frames. 

Simple and to the point, this design is exactly what you would imagine when picturing this style of sunglasses; an accessory that gives your outfit a vintage feel without going outside of your comfort zone. Their narrow structure makes for an elegant and cool feel to any look. 

BP. Rectangular Sunglasses

Rectangular sunglasses are many people’s preferred style, though narrow frames aren’t always ideal for everybody. If you love this shape but prefer an overall larger pair of sunglasses, this tortoise design is a great option.

Chic and eye-catching, this accessory dresses up any outfit with a healthy dose of style, transforming a simple brunch look into the fashion statement of the week. Thick temples and thick frames do a great job of defining the face and bringing balance to your round features.

Veda Tinda Vision Rectangle Sunglasses

This more affordable option features the classic rectangular frames we’ve been seeing, for a fraction of the price of some of these other models. 

Simple throughout, these sunglasses are perfect for trying out this new shape if you’re looking for a shape that complements your natural features. Unisex, this model can be worn by both men and women for the same 90s retro look. Available in 25 different colors, this accessory can fit right into any look you have planned. 

KUGUAOK Retro Rectangle Sunglasses

This style is similar to the sunglasses mentioned above, though their frames feature a slightly more rounded edge. If you’re only now looking to get into more angular frames, these sunglasses might be a great way to experiment.

While they do offer the overall more defined shape, the details around the edge slightly soften the general look, making for a good mid-term when it comes to defining rounder facial features. 

Oversized Frames

best sunglasses round face

For those with a round face who love to embrace the drama with an extra sprinkle of style flair, then oversized styles are the way to go. Beyond providing great coverage to keep both your eyes and surrounding skin protected, they also make for a true style statement while balancing out your facial features as well! 

For an even better result, I recommend looking for frames that extend slightly beyond the width of your face for an even more flattering and Hollywood glamour effect. 

While some of the frames we’ve seen today also qualify as oversized, I’ve put together some different styles for some more variety in our mix!

Quay High Roller

These oversized, aviator frames take this to a whole new direction with its distinct features. Featuring a bold brow detail that brings the attention upward, this design is a great option to consider for those with rounder faces.

Balancing some angular edges and some slightly rounded edges, this pair of sunglasses brings balance both in its own design and to your look. 

Quay Sweet Dreams

For another eye-catching style, these oversized sunglasses feature both a square shape and a metal brow bar that takes it to the next level. A fashion statement and a complementary piece all at once, this accessory has no issue matching the energy of your outfit with style and flair.

SOJOS Trendy Oversized Square Metal Frame Sunglasses

If you’re not looking to steer too far from your comfort zone but still want to try something a little different, opt for these trendy, oversized metal frames.

Available in a variety of different shades, these affordable sunglasses give you the perfect opportunity for experimentation while also working in favor of your personal features. 

Best Sunglasses for Round Face: Finding Your Perfect Fit 

Sunglasses are fun accessories to experiment with, while also being a great opportunity for a quality investment piece. For many, finding the perfect sunglasses is not just a matter of fashion, but also a way of enhancing their natural facial features for a flattering and harmonious look. 

In the world of sunglasses – where style meets functionality – finding the perfect pair for a round face is not just about following trends, but rather about celebrating the unique features that make you beautiful. 

Do you want to create a wardrobe that makes you feel like you? I created a resource for you that will help you do exactly that!

Whether you’re drawn to the bold statement of square frames, the timeless appeal of cat-eye styles, or the modern-retro cool of rectangular frames, the right pair can work effortlessly to enhance your features and reflect your personality. 

At the end of the day, finding your ideal pair of sunglasses can be about much more than landing on your newest accessory; it can also be a way to embrace your personal style, appreciate your natural features, and find yet another way to confidence and elegance! 

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