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  1. Ah, these are such great tips! I am a sucker for sales & if it’s a GREAT deal, I don’t even have to love the piece. I just buy & and then never wear it. Or it falls apart (darn H&M sales). Thanks for the extremely thorough & easy to follow post! 🙂

  2. this was so helpful! I have really been trying to get rid of as much of my wardrobe as possible, so that I have solid basics that make getting ready in the morning very easy. So this is a great template for when I want to add some new things in!

  3. Don’t mind me, I’m just over here cheering and clapping behind my computer screen. You NAILED this post, girlfriend. Like, if I wasn’t already wanting to revamp my wardrobe, I certainly am now. You’ve got so many excellent suggestions here! Thank you for such a detailed article!

    • Thank you for the kind words! Who doesn’t want a refined wardrobe?? The journey is just getting there. Good luck!

  4. THIS POST IS GREAT! Seriously, such great information here! Having a classic wardrobe that will last is always what I shoot for. Thank you so very much for sharing!

  5. This is such a great and comprehensive post! I’ve sort of been starting over with my wardrobe as I have found my style has changed and these tips are all perfect!

  6. I’m all about essentials when it comes to building a wardrobe from the ground up. Like a great pair of vintage Levi’s jeans, a striped top, or sneakers, these staple pieces are what starts the styling. xo, Suzanne

  7. You did such a great job with this post! I love how you outlined colors for the seasons as well as skin tone. And really great tip about picking a color family for your wardrobe so everything will go together and be interchangeable. Really great tips for anyone looking to overhaul their closet or starting from scratch!

    xo, Laura

    • Those are nice to have, but if you’re just getting basics I don’t think it’s necessary per se 🙂 But if you have all the classics, then sure, get lots of shirtdresses! 🙂

  8. I kinda laughed at your 6 pants and 1 skirt! I’m the opposite-,6 skirts and 1 pant!!! However I loved your article!? From your advice (plus I already pretty much knew) I’m a Cool Summer… but I thought I was suppose to wear gold jewelry not silver. Well my wedding ring of 40 years of marriage is silver!?
    Thanks so much for all your time in writing this to help so many ( and me?) !!!

    • Aw thanks, Ellie! So glad you liked the article and found it helpful! And at the end of the day, rules can be broken. But this article should hopefully serve as a good starting point!

  9. Hi! Great info. I was wondering if you had any info on that grey basic sweater and grey wrap dress. Love those! Thanks!

    • Hello, Lee! I made that graphic a while ago and I don’t have the exact product link, but I found that this looks similar to the grey sweater and this looks similar to the wrap dress. Hope that helps! Thanks for stopping by!

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