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15 Chic Work Outfits to Stay Fashionable and Professional This Winter

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From surviving another year to fresh opportunities, the New Year is exciting because there is a lot to celebrate! Let’s just not dwell on the fact that the new year still brings cold, snow, and oh yeah, more cold. But to get you thrilled to go to the office, I recommend you start planning what to include in your New Year’s work wardrobe. The New Year is the perfect time to freshen up your workwear wardrobe with chic work outfits. And if you love fashion, then outfit planning will lift your spirits and keep your mind off the cold!

This year, try new workwear essentials that perfectly balance comfort and chic to upgrade your office style. Need work outfit ideas? I’ve rounded up chic work outfits to get you started.

1. blazer + turtleneck + dress pants

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Heading to work during the colder months is tricky. How do you stay warm without sacrificing your style? The good news is that there are plenty of chic, cold weather-friendly work outfits to try. For example, this first look.

The key to nailing this look is layering. You might be tempted to layer on all your outerwear at once to stay warm, but it will leave your outfit looking bulky – and that’s not the look we’re going for!

For a chic look, start with a black turtleneck as your base top – it’s great for the office and has a timeless appeal.

Add warmth and style to the turtleneck by layering on a plaid blazer. Complete the outfit with black dress pants and pair it with a brown leather bag. Now, you’re ready to face the elements in style!

2. turtleneck + dress pants + slingback heels + watch


Not all work outfits have to be new and trendy. Sometimes simple outfits are best. Case in point: this outfit. It’s effortlessly chic and still comfortable to wear to the office.

Start the outfit with a neutral turtleneck top. Turtlenecks are a versatile and classic wardrobe staple, making it a great option for this work outfit. Team it up with black dress pants for a cool yet elegant flair. Next, elevate your outfit with black pumps for a serious and chic look. (Or switch to flats if you need something more comfortable.)

Complete your work attire with a classic watch to give it an extra sophisticated touch.

3. lady jacket + turtleneck + dress pants + slingback heels

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This outfit requires minimal effort to put together but will leave a lasting impression on your coworkers (and yourself).

The first clothing item you will need is that turtleneck again; as you can see, it’s an office must-have. Next, team it up with a lady jacket in a black hue to create a timeless office outfit. The gold luxe buttons and fringed ends make this outfit instantly office-ready.

Give your work look a pop of color by slipping on two-toned slingback heels. Beige and black colors help to make an outfit look effortlessly expensive and put together.

4. turtleneck + slip dress + striped cardigan + ankle boots

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When the temperatures have dipped in fall, the last thing anyone wants to wear to work is sleeveless sheath dresses. So, keep warm while still looking chic with a slip dress and expert layering!

A maxi slip dress is a great piece to wear if you have to follow strict dress codes as the long hem length is conservative and professional. The classic black turtleneck underneath adds the coverage you need.

Make your dress stand out by layering on a striped cardigan – even better is that you have ane extra layer for later if the office is always a little frigid.

Team up your formal attire with cool and classy leather ankle boots. They are practical because of the small heel and the boots make a work outfit look elegant.

5. turtleneck + cardigan + blazer + slip skirt + blazer

blazer | boots | cardigan (similar) | skirt (similar)

This new year, elevate your work look with this chic outfit idea. A slip skirt is always a winner. It’s classic to wear to the office and pairs well with virtually anything.

For this work look, pair your slip skirt with layers – such as a turtleneck and cardigan. The turtleneck and cardigan combo provides extra warmth and a unique look.

The next item to wear with your turtleneck and cardigan is a black structured blazer. Yep, another layer! This additional layer exudes sophistication and confidence, making it the perfect choice for the office.

Stiletto high heels can be cute to wear for work. They give a work outfit a head-turning look and an air of authority, but for some, they’re impossible to wear all day at work.

Sure, you could carry flats, but who wants to balance carrying their work essentials and shoes? So, exchange your high heels and opt for ankle boots with short heels instead. They are appropriate for the office and offer this outfit a powerful look.

6. sweater + coat + slip skirt + knee-high boots

skirt (similar) | sweater

Just because your workplace has a strict dress code doesn’t mean you have to wear boring outfits. You can put together a modest and chic work look.

Opt for this conservative and elegant outfit idea. Start building your outfit with a cozy sweater. A cashmere, or similar feeling, sweater is the epitome of elegance, which makes it appropriate for any work setting.

Layer on a polished black coat to take your sweater to a new level of chic.

Not all work looks have to be worn with heels! Exchange your heels for knee-high boots. They are practical but still have a chic look.

7. black dress + tights + heels + camel coat

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When in doubt, wear a camel coat. Every woman needs a beautiful camel coat in their work wardrobe; it’s simply timeless and truly the definition of chic. Plus, it will add a feminine and sophisticated touch to your corporate look. Team up your coat with a black skirt and top combo.

If you want to look like a C-suite executive, complete your outfit with black tights and black pumps. This combo helps to create the illusion of longer legs. And finally, accessorize your outfit with black leather gloves and a beautiful handbag.

Whether you’re a boss or not, get ready to feel like one!

8. striped cardigan + black skirt + tights + knee-high boots

cardigan (similar) | boots (similar)

Does your workplace have a casual environment? Don’t settle for jeans and a graphic tee; go for this feminine and casual style instead.

There is nothing quite like a striped cardigan. Sometimes, you want to feel comfortable at the office without sacrificing style, and this cardigan does just that.

Style the cardigan with a black skirt and team it up with black tights for coverage. However, if the dress code at your office doesn’t allow for short hemlines, swap your skirt for a midi or maxi skirt.

Complete your look with knee-high boots, and you’ve got a preppy meets chic work outfit.

9. cardigan + blazer + pants + loafers with socks

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You can never go wrong with a chic trouser suit, or in this case, the illusion of a suit because these pants actually have an elastic waist – score!

Keep it sophisticated by going for a neutral color like black. This color looks effortlessly sleek and expensive.

Instead of pairing your tailored look with a white button-down shirt, wear a cardigan instead. It will add a cool factor to your outfit and dress down the blazer.

As for the footwear? Opt for loafers and socks. They look (and feel) more comfortable than heels.

Lastly, accessorize your outfit with a luxe brown leather bag.

10. dress + camel wool coat + scarf + belt + gloves + tights + ankle boots

coat | boots

Want to dress up your outerwear? Try this idea. To achieve this look, start off with a dress. Team it up with a camel wool coat for the perfect balance of comfort and professionalism. Give your camel coat a head-turning touch by accessorizing with a statement scarf.

My top tip for styling a coat and a scarf? Pick a scarf that is the same color as your coat and shoes to create a seamless look. I also recommend tying the look together with a belt. It helps to cinch in the waist to avoid a frumpy look.

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11. v-neck sweater + blazer + belt + dress pants + loafers

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Get ready to look chic at your desk with this cool and elegant outfit idea. You can even wear this look from the office to dinner.

Recreate it by building your outfit with a V-neck sweater. Take it to another level by pairing it with a plaid blazer. Cinch in the blazer with a black leather belt to add shape to your body and a feminine touch.

Keep the look classy with black dress pants and polished loafers. You don’t need anything expensive like a Tory Burch bag or a designer tote bag to complete this office attire. Finish your outfit with a simple and timeless leather crossbody bag!

After all, high-quality leather is perfect for achieving an old money or quiet luxury style.

12. button down + blazer + striped sweater + dress pants + ballet flats

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Nothing says understated chic like a beige or camel blazer. It’s great to wear if you want to take a break from black blazers. Plus, it’s perfect to wear with a white button-down shirt. It will make your office outfit look effortlessly stylish and professional.

Pair your blazer and white button-down shirt with a striped sweater. The sweater is easygoing but has a classy appeal. Balance out your dress pants with ballet flats for a cute, Parisian finish.

13. white button down + tweed jacket + dress pants + ballet flats

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You will not get buyer’s remorse when you buy a tweed jacket! It will help you create the chicest work outfits. Case in point: this outfit idea.

Use this jacket to elevate a classic shirt. Pair it with black dress pants for a cohesive corporate look. Complete your outfit with two-toned ballet flats, and you’re ready to conquer the workday!

14. sweater + plaid pants + belted coat

coat (similar) | pants (similar)

Dress to impress at your upcoming team meeting with this chic work outfit. Start your look with a sweater as your base. Elevate your basic sweater by layering on a white belted coat.

This coat is great for giving a basic piece an instant chic look. The material and belted wrap details will offer your outfit the perfect dose of elegance. 

Continue dressing up your outfit with plaid pants; these are a wardrobe staple! Complete your outfit with black heels and a shoulder bag.

15. turtleneck + button-down + blazer + dress pants + belt + loafers

Get ready to look (or feel) like the boss with this last outfit idea.

If you have pencil skirt fatigue, get dressed up in black dress pants. Accompany it with a blue pinstripe button-down shirt. For some warmth and elegance, add a turtleneck. Tie your look together with a belt for a curvy silhouette.

Take your outfit to another level of office-ready with black loafers and cool oversized sunglasses.

Key Takeaways of Chic Work Outfits

1. Basic pieces: A chic work wardrobe needs classic and basic pieces. This includes button-down shirts, a versatile tote bag, loafers, trench coats, and blazers – just to name a few. These basic pieces are a must-have because they are versatile and offer any outfit a sophisticated touch. You can create a lot of chic outfits with these clothing items.

2. Statement pieces: Besides basic pieces, consider having some statement pieces to create chic standout looks. Eye-catching pieces like striped cardigans, plaid blazers, and leather gloves. These sophisticated patterns and colors are great for elevating basic work outfits.

3. Neutral tones: The key to nailing chic work outfits is with neutral colors. Nothing makes an outfit modern yet sophisticated like black, white, beige, and grey. Try to have at least 80% of your clothes in neutrals; this will make styling very easy as they can mix and match together seamlessly.

4. Casual pieces: Depending on where you work, casual clothes may or may not work for you. If casual dressing is allowed, you’re in luck because casual and sophisticated pieces work hand-in-hand. The great thing about casual pieces is that they give a work outfit a laid-back yet fashionable twist. Casual clothing items like sneakers and jeans are perfect for transforming a stiff work look into a relaxed and chic outfit.

Do you feel like your casual and business styling skills could need some improvement? Become a pro with this FREE Casual & Elegant Style Cheat Sheet. You can get it by signing up here!

5. Accessories: The accessories you wear can make or break a work outfit. Try avoiding accessories that will make your outfit look dated. Go for accessories that give you chic looks for the office environment. 

6. Classic silhouettes: One of the easiest ways of creating chic work outfits is by choosing clothing items with classic silhouettes. Think straight lines and fitted garments. 

7. High-quality & comfortable fabrics: It’s impossible to create chic work outfits with bad-quality clothes. You don’t want to pick cheap clothing that feels uncomfortable on the skin and tears easily. Focus on quality materials like linen, organic cotton, silk, and cashmere, if you can. Not only will your work clothes look great but they will also last for a long time. And of course, even if you can’t afford higher quality right now, a chic work outfit is all in the styling as well!

8. Layering: In order to create the best chic work outfits, especially for winter, you need to know how to layer. Layering helps to add depth and interest to an outfit. It’s a good idea to learn what pieces look better when they are paired together. This helps to prevent your outfits from looking frumpy.

9. Attention to detail: When it comes to piecing together chic work outfits, you need to pay attention to details. Small details you shouldn’t overlook are visible panty lines, exposed bra straps, foundation stains on the collar of your shirt, dusty shoes, and pet hair on your clothes.

10. Simplicity is key: The best chic work outfits are not complicated to put together; they should embody simplicity in their elegance. Don’t mix prints that clash, too many colors that don’t complement each other, or excessive accessories. Focus on clean lines and subtle yet impactful details that create an elegant and fashionable look.

11. Don’t be shy about trying new styling ideas: One of the best ways to create chic work outfits is by trying new styling ideas. This can give your outfits a fresh update and an unexpected twist!

12. Makeup and hair: It’s easier to create chic work outfits if you have put equal effort into your makeup and hair. Try to match your makeup and hair with the chic vibe of your outfits. 

13. Appropriate hem lengths: Having conservative clothing items in your chic work wardrobe is always a good idea. Closet essentials like dress pants and midi slip skirts are an excellent way to look professional and elegant.

Chic Work Outfits That Stand the Test of Time

The New Year is a great time to think of ways to make a chic statement in the office. However, it can be hard to figure out what to wear. Luckily, these 15 chic work outfits will remove the guesswork of putting together elegant outfits for work.

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