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16 Tiny Tweaks That Will Make Your Outfit Look More Expensive in No Time

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If you want your outfit to look chicer, luxurious, and refined without spending a lot of money, then you’re in the right place. Regardless of how tight your budget is, there are small changes you can make to automatically transform the look of your outfits. Keep scrolling to discover the best ways to upgrade your entire look with small tweaks!

1. Use a Fabric Razor and Lint Roller To Remove Lint and Pills

Whether your sweater costs you $30 or $300, this tip allows you to look refined no matter how much you spent on your clothes.

Simple things like using a lint roller to wipe away fuzz as well as a fabric razor to remove sweater pills cost next to nothing and can change everything. It all comes down to the details and a manicured look matters!

I know it can be tempting to want to buy a new sweater or cardigan once you spot lint and pills, but in most cases, you don’t need to. The easiest way to stop your pieces from looking old with pills is with a clothes raz0r and/or lint roller. I know this task may seem time-consuming, but it is a great way of creating expensive-looking outfits.

The Hype: 4.5/5. Over 100k reviews. Less than $15!

2. Avoid Wearing Too Small (or Too Big) Clothes

Whether it’s a dress that’s way too tight and shows everything or baggy pants that drag on the ground and look like you bought them from the men’s section, nothing makes an outfit look more unrefined like ill-fitting clothes.

(And yes, trends come and go and baggy low-rise jeans are coming back, but this post is about making your outfit look more expensive, not trendier.)

The best thing to do is to find the right pieces with the right fit. If your old clothes need some adjusting, consider visiting a good tailor to nip in the waist, shorten long pants, or give your favorite white t-shirt a proper fit.

Or if you don’t want to visit a tailor, then keep the right fit in mind when shopping new. For example, pants shouldn’t drag on the ground and long sleeves shouldn’t go past your knuckles.

The exception is when you are wearing oversized clothes in an intentional and balanced way, such as an oversized shirt with a half-tuck or wide-leg pants with a fitted shirt.

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3. Be Wary of Plastic and Fake Jewelry

Have you ever bought a gold statement piece of jewelry only for the gold to eventually turn green? Or have you ever bought a “diamond” statement necklace only for all the plastic jewels to fall off? Heart-breaking, right?

Fake jewelry is usually vulnerable to changing colors and missing rhinestones after a few wears, so it’s best to avoid jewelry on the cheap end if you want your outfit to have an expensive look.

Accessorizing with plastic jewelry can also ruin your overall look. There is a good reason why fashion icons opt for durable, chic, and genuine jewelry options. These pieces add a touch of luxury to their looks!

But do you have to have a deep budget to afford nice jewelry? Not at all! Check out our jewelry collection post to know where to shop: How To Build a Jewelry Collection: 11 Must-Have Timeless Pieces

4. Keep the Color Palette of Your Outfits Neutral

Yes, you’ve probably heard this one before, but wearing neutral colors is every style icon’s secret weapon to looking expensive. Forgo Crayola-colored clothing and pick a neutral color instead.

I know that some people may consider neutrals “boring,” but they are a great base for your entire wardrobe. They go well with pretty much everything and these basic shades will take your outfit to the next level.

For example, a neutral monochromatic look is a surefire way of looking incredibly chic. Just make sure that when you are putting together a monochromatic look, the neutrals match or coordinate.

Additionally, accessorizing with neutral-toned pieces like a beige silk scarf or black pumps makes an outfit 10x chicer.

5. Have Sturdy, Structured Handbags

A structured bag will bring new life to a simple outfit. Before heading out the door, switch out your slouchy hobo bag with one that is sturdy and structured.

This tiny tweak of switching out your handbag will make an outfit look instantly polished and high-end.

The Hype: 4.3/5 “Love this bag. Everything that I’ve been looking for. As with any new bag it’s a bit tight at the top so getting things in and out was an initial challenge but after 4 weeks it’s ‘relaxing’. Can’t rave enough and have received multiple compliments.”

6. Make Beauty Grooming a Part of Your Daily Routine

There is no denying how making small tweaks to your beauty routine can switch up your whole look, such as shaping your eyebrows and keeping your nails tidy.

Well-manicured nails make a huge difference to your hands. And when you are wearing chic accessories like a tennis bracelet or a nice watch? Your manicure looks even more elevated.

The same goes for neatly-shaped eyebrows. Your face will look well put together and it’s one of the best ways to look prettier without makeup.

And though I love nail polish, I tend to not wear it as much anymore because I don’t want to deal with the inevitable chips. Chipped nail polish is a no-go for me. But when I do want to wear nail polish, I go with something subtle like a clear polish or a nude shade. It adds a little bit of polish to your beauty routine and when it chips or grows out, it’s not as noticeable.

The Hype: 4.5/5 “I was so pleased to find this set of four at such an amazing price! I was specifically looking for neutral/nude tones and these colors are gorgeous!”

7. Pay Attention to the Details That Make Clothing Look Cheap (Crooked Zippers, Frays, Uneven Stitching, Etc.)

This tiny tweak doesn’t cost you anything. In fact, it saves you money, because it stops you from buying things that downgrade your look.

Sometimes an odd stray thread can’t be avoided and I’m not saying that every clothing retailer gets it perfect, but if you want to make your outfit look more expensive then be on the lookout for cheap details.

Crooked zippers that get stuck are a tell-tale sign that a garment may be cheap, thus making your whole outfit look cheap. Plus, uneven stitching and frays can ruin your own personal style if you have a timeless aesthetic.

For the odd stray thread, simply snip (don’t pull) it off. For your pieces with uneven stitching and crooked zippers, consider getting them professionally fixed or donating them. High-quality bags and jackets are one of the best ways to have your outfit look more expensive!

8. Stick to Classic Patterns

A major style tip to follow for a luxurious style is to stick to patterns that will never go out of style. Some of the best tried-and-true prints to wear on rotation are dainty florals, stripes, polka dots, plaid, and houndstooth.

When you pair these patterns with neutrals, you are guaranteed to look more expensive.

9. Match Your Hardware (Such As Your Jewelry to the Buttons on Your Blazer)

Did you recently buy a fantastic coat with silver or gold hardware? The best styling trick to make your blazer look extra sophisticated is to match your jewelry with the hardware. This adds a dose of elegance to an outfit. You can choose to pair gold hoop earrings with your gold hardware or a silver pendant necklace with silver buttons.

There are even more ways to match your hardware too. If you’re wearing loafers with a gold buckle, then keep the rest of your accessories gold, even to the zipper on your purse. It’s not a necessity that you do this every time, but it’s a great hack to look extra polished!

10. Stay Away From Pieces With Brightly-Colored Plastic Buttons

To look good in the style department, avoid pieces that have brightly-colored plastic buttons. It can make your outerwear and shirts look cheap.

Simple white plastic is okay, though some of the best pieces have buttons that look expensive even if they’re not. Such as buttons that match the color of the jacket or resemble a tortoise shell.

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11. Avoid Mini Skirts and Cropped Shirts

Not only are micro mini skirts uncomfortable, but they won’t make your outfit look elegant either, and expensive-looking and elegant go hand in hand. To make your outfit look expensive, swap out the micro mini skirt for a skirt that at least goes past your fingertips (though a knee-length or midi is better).

This tip also applies to cropped shirts. Though I’ve worn a few cropped shirts myself, I wear them with high-waisted bottoms in a fun, stylish atmosphere, not when trying to look polished. In order to look expensive, if the shirt sits above your belly button, save it for another look.

12. Wear Undergarments That Fit Well

What good is dressing up in a chic slip dress if your undergarments don’t fit your body shape properly? Plus, no one likes those pesky panty lines, so invest in seamless panties. And for good support for your chest, buy bras that will make you feel and look good.

To make sure your undergarments are up to par and give your dress the best look on your body, opt for seamless underwear or Spanx to avoid any outfit dilemmas.

The Hype: 4.4/5 “I’m 10 months postpartum and I’ve tried more than dozens of so-called popular shapers and nothing did its job. I’m so glad I found this.”

13. Add the Right Accessories

We have all had days when we put together an outfit we are proud of but can’t find the right accessories to finish the look. To avoid going through such a style rut, have classic and versatile accessories in your closet.

Examples of accessory must-haves are neutral bags, simple gold or silver hoop earrings, black sunglasses, and neutral-toned belts.

14. Keep Your Leather Handbags Shiny and Your Shoes Clean

Keeping your handbags shiny will have your outfit look fresh and expensive! Moisturize your treasured leather bags with a special cleaner to stop scratches and marks from appearing or to wipe away what may be already there.

The Hype: 4.4/5 “I have 55 {MK and Coach handbags} and like to keep them all looking brand new. I have some leather jackets and some leather boots I use it on too. Keeps all my stuff looking brand new. I don’t like anything to look stained or dirty on my outfit and this REALLY helps!”

And on the topic of looking fresh, make sure you keep your shoes clean and looking brand new too!

The Hype: 4.4/5. Over 27k reviews

15. Replace Your Stiletto Heel Tip

If you frequently wear heels, have you looked at your heel tip lately? Due to the constant wear and tear, your stiletto heel tip can look worn fast and as you know, worn shoes can downgrade your look.

But did you know you can replace them? If your pair of shoes came with extra heel tips, switch them out to make them look brand new. Or if you’ve got new shoes, slip on a protector to keep them looking new. Bonus- heel tips can prevent the clicking sound too if you feel self-conscious about the noise heels make!

The Hype: 4/5 “I purchased a new pair of shows and within 3 weeks the tips were worn through! These totally fit, look perfect, and saved me from having to buy a new pair.”

16. Get Rid of Excess Accessories on Your Purse

A few extra details on your purse can dress up your outfit, but keep it minimal and chic. Because nothing ruins a perfectly good purse like excess accessories such as charms, chains, keychains, and pom poms.

To keep your outfit polished, remove the unnecessary details and opt for simple handbag styles.

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Looking expensive is easier said than done. However, with these 16 tiny tweaks, you’re well on your way to making your outfit look more expensive in no time!

To make even more tweaks for an expensive look, check out these clothing brands:

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