The Design Plan for Our Custom Build: Entryway, Primary Suite, Laundry Room/Mudroom

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Over the past few months, I’ve been sharing mood boards and selections for our modern European build. It’s bittersweet, no, just sweet to say that this is the last one! Meaning, there’s not much left to share in this design and framing stage, and the next updates I share will be sneak peeks of finishes going in. That just means progress!

Though we’ve still got a ways to go, we’re still planning on a May move-in either way. Sometimes that feels far away and sometimes it seems like it’s right around the corner. It all depends on my mood. 😉

For the last mood board/design plan post before progress updates, I’m combining several rooms in this one post because they’re smaller, though certainly not insignificant. I’m sure that things will look a little different when all is said and done, but having a starting point and design plan is essential to the overall outcome!


Entryway Mood Board

When we had our designer/architect tweak our main-level plans, they added an arched niche in our entryway. I love this extra detail as not only does it add architectural interest, but it’s not something you see very often, and it’s a lovely European touch!

We’ll have a bench tucked perfectly in the niche, providing room to put on shoes or set a diaper bag.

This is not an entrance that we’ll use and it doesn’t need much. With a bench and coat rack for guests, and a little bit of decor, the room is complete!


Laundry room Mudroom combo Mood Board

Now for the entrance that we will be using a lot. I opted for the laundry room mudroom combo for several reasons. First, I love the idea of keeping the mess contained in one area. If we come inside after splashing in puddles or playing in the mud, all I have to do is strip my boys and throw their clothes right into the washing machine.

Dirty boots? Throw them in the sink. This arrangement means no tracking dirt or mud through the house because I’m transporting things from the mudroom to the laundry.

Second, it’s an efficient design. To me, the laundry and mudroom have a lot of overlap. They’re not public gathering rooms, they serve a practical/utilitarian purpose, they store clothes, and they’re meant just for the people that live there.

I’ll go ahead and tell you now – this is going to be the most underwhelming room in our house! When redoing our plans, we took the majority of the square footage of this room and relocated it to have a bigger pantry and a bigger kitchen.

I know we won’t regret this choice, especially because no one needs or sees the laundry/mudroom beside us, but I’ll admit, I fell into the comparison trap a lot. Not because I wanted a big laundry room and I didn’t have it, but because I felt like I needed to have it just because that’s what gets shared and pinned a lot.

Large, grand laundry rooms complete with lots of natural light and double washing machines are all the rage. Ours will not be grand. But it will be useful and it will be just what we need.

Since this is such a hardworking room, I’m opting for stained white oak cabinets (instead of painted). There are no windows in this room, so I’m choosing a floor-to-ceiling reflective ceramic tile to brighten it up.

Even though the room is on the smaller side, we’re still squeezing in a sink, a drying area, and a little folding space. I know it will be beautiful and most importantly, functional!

Primary Suite

Primary Bedroom Mood Board

The excitement for our own space is off the charts! Currently, our bedroom opens up to the kitchen, and you have to take a few creaky steps to get there. It was never a bedroom, but the landlord built a tiny closet to market it as one. You can’t fully open up the closet door without hitting the bed. So yeah, it’s small!

I fully believe in making the most of where you are, but can you blame me for the fact that I daydream about this suite we’re blessed to be able to move into? We’ll have a walk-in closet, a sizable bedroom, and a connected bathroom complete with a water closet/toilet room. We fancy now!

As you can see, I’m sticking primarily with creams, beiges, and whites. I want it to be neutral and calm and set the backdrop for the view from our bedroom window to steal the show.

The bathroom will have a very similar color palette. I want it to be the place that makes you feel peaceful as you unwind for the day and get ready for bed. With a little bit of European glam thrown in, of course.

Primary Bath Mood Board

That’s a wrap on the home mood boards! From the basement to the kitchen, I shared all the design inspiration for the main areas of the house. I didn’t share every square inch, but you’ve got to have a little mystery, right?

Catch up with the mood board posts by reading about our living room! Up Next: The Design Plan for the Living Room, Dining Room, and Sunroom | Custom Build


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