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5 DIY Hacks to Get the Designer Look for Less

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What do you do when you love the look of a designer piece, but you just want to pay for the look without paying for the name?! Enter these DIY hacks so you can get the designer look for less!

5 DIY Hacks to Get the Designer Look for Less

1. Add jeweled fashion straps to transform a basic strapless dress
Fashion straps are detachable so not only can you wear the dress on its own, but you can have fun mixing different straps with it. Two for one! Though I’ve never tried them myself, they look like a fun and easy way to switch up your dress (or top) without committing to anything!

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shop the supplies: black bodycon dress | jewel straps

2. Add jewels to personalize and elevate your shoes
Not everyone can or wants to afford the Golden Goose shoes, but it doesn’t mean you still can’t get the cool look! Adding your own gemstones to your shoes (it doesn’t just have to be sneakers!) instantly gives your shoes some customization and personality.


shop the supplies: sneakers | jewels

3. Use a shoe clip to make your shoes look chic
You can get this beautiful, chic look without shelling out 1k! There are tons of shoe clips out there and they’re great for switching up the shoes you already have. I did a separate post on shoe clips that you can see here!

designer look for less

shop the supplies: heels | shoe clip

4. Transform a basic headband with jewels
This is a great DIY hack because there are so many options to customize your own headband and basic headbands aren’t that expensive! Plus, who needs to spend hundreds of dollars on an accessory like this anyway? Don’t like crystals? Try pearls!

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shop the supplies: jewels | headband
(designer headband)

5. Spice up your shoes with feather fringe
Feather/fringe shoes are a fun look, but perhaps not super practical so it may not be worth splurging on this. You can still get the luxe look for less though! It’s a fun and easy way to spice up your shoes!

luxe for less

shop the supplies: shoes | fur

I hope you use these ideas to think of even more…have fun with it! No, I can’t say you’ll be getting the same quality as a designer piece (obvs), but let your imagination run wild and use these DIY hacks to help you get more designer looks for less!

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