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5 Style Tips to Make Old Outfits Feel New Again

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This post may contain affiliate links.

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Most women are always looking for ways to feel good and look good without constantly buying new clothes or jumping on the latest fashion trends the fashion industry offers us. Whatever your monthly clothing budget is, shopping your closet first is always a good habit to get into. Here are some easy style tips with ideas to refresh your look and make old outfits feel new again!

Style Tips to Make Old Outfits Feel New

1. Add a pop of color
Nothing adds zing to a drab look quite like a pop of bold color! This is one of the easiest ways to make your old outfits feel new because even your most basic pieces and old clothes can feel refreshed when color brings a little life into them. The key is to add little bits of color to your basic pieces so “boring” items like jeans, a plain t-shirt, or a white shirt all of a sudden seem new!

tee | blazer/coat (similar) | jeans (similar)

2. Mix prints
Prints are usually worn on their own but when they’re mixed with each other? Well, that’s a completely different ball game! Nothing quite says “new look” like pairing some bold prints together and seeing what you get. It can take a semi ordinary blouse and a semi ordinary dress into something not so ordinary at all!

top similar) | slip dress (similar) | belt (similar)

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3. Over accessorize
Usually, my motto is “less is more” but sometimes, more is more. Especially when you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe. Not like you need it, but here’s permission from a #basicgirl to pile on all the accessories. A simple gray tee doesn’t seem so simple anymore once you’ve added on lots of gold lovelies! Make this tip work for your own personal style.

top (similar) | shoes (similar) | accessories (all thrifted)

4. Mix styles (fancy with casual)
The best way to make your old clothes seem new again is to mix styles. There are so many different ways you can do this too! Try not to get stuck in a rut thinking your fancy is only for special occasions and your blazer is only for the office and your sneakers are only for walks…get where I’m going with this? Mix styles and suddenly new outfit possibilities will open up! Take that fancy slip dress and pair it with your casual denim shirt and throw on the sneakers you save for errands. Now you have a new and fresh outfit!

denim shirt (similar) | slip dress (similar) | sneakers

5. Add a print
Sometimes the right print can take a cool outfit and make it even cooler. Breathe life into your favorite go-to outfit combos by switching out the same piece you always wear and replacing it with a print! The outfit below is an outfit I tend to wear a lot and instead of wearing my usual ankle boots, I paired it with leopard print high heels and it feels new to me! In what ways can you do that in your own wardrobe?

sunglasses | heels (similar) | moto jacket (similar) | jeans (similar)

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You don’t have to constantly wear a new trend or spend much money to have a new style. If getting the most out of your clothing items and shopping in your own closet is for you, then you’ll love my post on how to maximize your wardrobe!

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Make Old Outfits Feel New


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