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Home Update | My Parisian Inspired Chic Cloffice!

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My chic cloffice (closet + office) is easily one of my favorite rooms in our whole house! I’ve never really had a room that was just all mine before and it’s a gamechanger to my blogging and online business. When we were house hunting, finding a house with a room that I could convert into my office space was a must-have. I lucked out with the space in this room!

But first, a little space backstory. The layout is slightly questionable in that my office is the biggest room in the house. Not the master. Our master is itty bitty but it has the attached bathroom and having that was more important to me than a bigger space. So even though our master bedroom is small, it was a blessing in disguise because I filled up the biggest room/my office space way more than I thought I would haha. Even so, everything I have is very intentional.

I take a large majority of my photos in this room, so you’ve probably already seen what it looks like, but let’s start with pictures of what it looked like when we bought it!

before cloffice makeover

Oy vey!

First, I went to town on the wallpaper only to find out there were multiple layers over a faux wood panel. So we just decided to rip off the panels (my sis & bro in law did most of that part) and start from scratch. The sheetrock underneath was unfinished, and we decided not to mud and tape over the sheetrock because we do not like doing that haha. So plain panels from Menards did the trick! We also did the wall moldings ourselves (well, Titus did) with trim pieces.

office makeover

Now let’s move on to what it looks like now! I love this space and I’m constantly rearranging…for fun and to find the best arrangement for everything. In fact, it doesn’t even look the same at the time that you’re reading this post haha.

mannequin in office
clothing rack in chic office

The dalmatian print wallpaper is where I get to have fun! The rest of the walls are pretty bare on purpose because I use that as the backdrop for my photos. But the area with my mirror is where I can have my gallery wall and not worry about it looking too minimalistic.


Let’s compare these before & afters!

If you saw this post about my office vision then you’d know I still have some things left to do! My goal is Parisian inspired and though the wall moldings help drastically with that, I’m missing the herringbone wood floor. Right now, it’s just the subfloor painted white because I’m still figuring out what the best floor option is. The window situation is not great, and a white floor reflects light onto my body which I need as much as I can get for photos! A brown wood floor would take that away, yet it would add warmth and look more Parisian. Hmmm. Right now I don’t mind the floor though. It doesn’t feel finished, but it honestly works pretty well.

I’m also missing the intricate fireplace surround. I want this one badly but goodness, it’s $2,350. And it’s not even functional. I also love this one, this one, and this one, but they are all still 1-2k+. So I’ve been looking at FB marketplace for months hoping I’ll stumble upon on a rare find. Send all the good thrifting thoughts my way. 😉

Though there are things still left to do in my cloffice, I love the function and the beauty of the room now!

I’m listing the sources below so check them out if you see something you’re interested in for your own chic cloffice!


Animal print rug
Ceiling light
Mannequin hands
Clothing rack
Cafe chairs
Marble table
Dalmatian/speckled peel & stick wallpaper
Chic graphic tee
Small sculpture bust
Ceiling medallion

Let me know if you have a question about anything!

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